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Why AngularJS Is Preferred by Developers for Web Development?

With Ecommerce making a great impact on online business, every organization is keen to create an online store that can help them to sell more and even reach out to a wider market audience. This has also created a huge demand for web developers and the market is still growing.

But the main point is to choose the right web development platform. AngularJS was developed in 2009 and has created ripples in the market. This is an open source framework that revolves around HTML, CSS and JS. It is a solid JavaScript framework that was developed and designed by the dedicated developers from Google in order to simplify the front end development.

Angular JS is used as a part of creating exceedingly robust and adaptable Single Page Applications (SPA). It offers an array of elements and has gained great admiration and has made it popular among the web application development services.

Here in this blog, I will discuss with you top reasons why developers prefer to use this platform:

The MVC Pattern:

Angular JS uses the original MVC architectural setup for developing web applications. In order to implement MVC, all you have to do is to split the app and then write code in order to connect them all. In AngularJS itself takes care of the rest. It manages all the elements and serves as the pipeline by integrating them.

Complete and Comprehensive Solutions:

AngularJS is an all-inclusive approach and does not need any external plugins to create web applications. It features many useful actions and methods that are best industry standards, because of their simplicity and due to the importance that Google puts on weight behind any product.

Some important features that are offered by AngularJS are REST actions, Data Binding, Dependency Injection, and ability to use MVVM and also build-in unit testing APIs.

Data Binding and Dependency Injection:

In AngularJS, the MVVM pattern is communicated across the UI wherever there are any changes. This eliminates the need for getters/setters or even wrappers. AngularJS is able to handle and makes it possible for the developers to express data simply with JavaScript primitives. Everything happens automatically, the users can ask for dependencies as parameters in the platform service functions rather than a big call to execute codes.

Backed by Google:

AngularJS is developed by Google and the developers are happy to be working with a strong code base that offers complete support to the project. AngularJS is an exception to the other common JavaScript app frameworks that are developed by independent developers. Since it is the brilliant result of Google engineers, many developers prefer to choose it over other frameworks like KnockoutJS and EmberJS.

Simple Testing: 

There are many areas of the app in the AngularJS modules that can easily be manipulated. With the option of module separation, you can now load only those essential services and this conduct a smooth automatic testing. If you stick to only one file, one module, there is no need to worry about angularjs module loading order to memory. Since the entire framework is connected by Dependency Injection, it is easy to deal with extensions and controllers.

Flexibility with Filters:

Filters help to handle the data before it reaches the view. The filters are specifically designed to be standalone functions like directives that are separate from the app and they deal with data transformations.

A filter can format an array or any object based on the parameter that is needed, format decimal places or even implement the pagination. Customized filters can also be created and this aspect enables data flexibility and also allows to tackle an HTML table without the help of JavaScript.


Most frameworks use the bottom up approach while designing a page, but AngularJS uses a top down approach. In a top down, the entire software system is considered to be a single entity and it decomposes to produce more subsystems or components. Each subsystem is treated as a system and then they are decomposed further and this process runs until the lowest level.

“AngularJS is rapidly emerging and is becoming very popular due its feature rich framework that helps to develop intuitive website and web applications.”

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