Moodle Mobile Branding and Customization

Why Branding and Customizing Your Moodle Mobile App is Important

Engaging with your learners is something that will help you to increase more users of your mobile application. On the other hand, they too will easily identify your brand when they search if you offer a great user experience. Since every product and service that is sold in the marketplace with specific colors, design and logo helps to differentiate your product among thousands of similar products, in the same manner your Moodle mobile app development too should have the brand value that speaks and fetches continuous business

Why do You Need to Brand Your Moodle Mobile App?

Branding means adding value and when you are creating a mobile application for your Moodle LMS, then it is important that your users identify your application via your brand image. Branding makes more sense and to increase the value you can ask your Moodle LMS service provider to do these following things:

  • Create a branded mobile app
  • Customise it as per your business needs

Moodle comes with various features that can help you to create a feature rich app and then brand it by:

  • Changing the Moodle logo with yours
  • Change the default color schemes so that it represents your organizations

Besides these, everything will be as it is according to the Moodle mobile app. Customizing the look and the name of the app to match your organization will give your learners a seamless learning experience that will reflect the quality of your institution.

How Customizing Your Moodle LMS Mobile App can Help?

Custom Moodle mobile app development can be partially or fully personalized as per your business needs and the apps are altered to address a specific group of audience rather than offering them a solution that caters to a huge group having varied requirements. Some advantages of creating a custom Moodle mobile app:

High Scalability:

Regular apps are created to handle limited resources and processes, but when it is created for business growth, then such apps may not be able to handle the load. Customized apps are built while keeping in mind all such parameters so that it can be easily scaled whenever there is a need.

Improved Efficiency:

Business mobile apps are usually customized to meet specific needs and it acts like a solution that can perform diverse functions and negates the requirement of multiple apps. The apps are tailored to suit the working style and this helps to enhance the employee productivity, which in turn increases the business ROI.


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Integrates with the Existing Software:

Moodle mobile apps that you have created should be able to function smoothly with the existing software and custom applications are created considering all these things and hence they guarantee great integration and function without any errors or hurdles.

Highly Secured App:

LMS mobile apps that are created may not have the specialized security features that are needed to keep your business data safe. Having a custom app that is solely created for your business can reinforce the data security system as all the relevant security measures will be taken care as per your business needs while app development.

Easy to Maintain:

It is by customizing your mobile app for your Moodle course, that you can easily reduce your maintenance cost too. In case if you have to add some extra features, then you can easily do that as you have complete control and don’t have to depend of others for anything.


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