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Why Choose iOS for Your Next Mobile App and How to Increase App Reviews

Creating a professional application is one essential aspect of business growth and smartphone is the most used gadget and a flourishing technology for commercial use. There are various platforms running on smartphones and iOS is one of the top platforms used for building mobile apps. There are individual advantages of choosing the platform, but there are some criteria why developing a commercial mobile app on iOS can be more beneficial than any other platform.

Why Choose iOS for Building Your Mobile App?

Great End User Experience:

iOS offers a great user experience and this makes the users very happy and satisfied. This is one reason that makes iOS the primary choice for business apps for the owners. Since Apple is considered to be famous among the users for its latest features, robust hardware and customer service, it has a huge market share. Creating an app offers a ready market base.

Highly Safe and Secure:

While developing a mobile app, business owners consider to choose a platform with secured features that offer a high level of security. iPhone end users want to stay secured and iOS offers a high gradient for malware and viruses, which is again perfect for iOS app development options.

Smooth Interface:

An enterprise builds an app to offer the best services for the smartphone users. The relationship with the customer also depends entirely on the fact that the mobile app is so enjoyable and Apple users always encourage a regulated environment of smartphones. The high end features of iOS make business apps better suited for sales and use.

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Tips to Increase Mobile App Reviews of Your iOS Application:

The main reason behind creating an iOS mobile app is to connect with the customers and to be successful the app also needs quality reviews so that the customers won’t be turned off when they search for such an app. Changes are that, if your small business customers hear about the app from you, then they will click the links and search for it in the appropriate app store.

Use an App Review Plugin:

The easiest means to get an app review from people is to ask for them to do it within the app. There are various turn-key plugins that are available for iOS platform and this makes it very simple to prompt the users to review your mobile application.

Create an Amazing App:

This really sounds simple and it is primarily the means to get more quality reviews that ensure that your app is great for use. Your app features act as marketing materials that you can include on the app page. Adding a wide range of screenshot helps the users discover what the app is all about and if you have neglected the area, then it’s important to devote some time to your app.

Time the Prompt:

Reviews prompts are great means to remind the users to consider a review. It is also important to set the time for the prompts properly. Most apps make the mistake of asking reviews soon after the launch of the iOS mobile app. This often makes for a poor user experience and the users are also less likely to leave a review just because the app interrupts the normal user flow. The best way to ask for an app review is to wait till the user has completed his or her intended task.

Arrange for a Contest:

Another important thing is running a contest on various forums. There are popular sections within forums or popular blogs where app developers run contests to entice the other members to leave their reviews on their apps. While running a contest, you can give away gift cards, but while selecting the winners, it is very important to maintain complete transparency.

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