Why Developers Prefer to Opt for .NET Core

If you have planned to invest in a software application, then there is no doubt that you have already identified the needs of the market and that you have a solid plan for your business growth. You may have great ideas, but you might not be an expert in implementing the best technology. It is here that experts come to help as they can choose the right technology and tools for the best business results.

Nowadays, most developers prefer to use .NET Core to build various applications because of its numerous benefits.

Here is Why They Choose .NET Core

It is a Cross Platform:

When you plan to create an application, you usually try to follow a few things that are already settled.  Since the business market and your budget is constantly evolving and changing, you need to choose something that has the ability to adapt to your business fast.

The advanced .NET Core platform has the feature of a cross platform support and this means that it will help you to create an application that will run easily on Windows, Mac, Linux and it will not be tough for any new developer to understand it. All that you need to do is to hire an expert .NET Core developer having expertise on this cross platform.

Fast and Reliable Performance:

Another biggest advantage why developers choose the .NET Core platform is its fast and reliable performance. The platform is definitely faster than any other frameworks for example Node.JS, PHP or most of the Java frameworks. Whenever you compile some codes, it automatically gets highly optimized so as to speed up the performance. 

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The best part of it is that you don’t have to change the codes and you can simply recompile it and .NET Core will optimize it directly.

It Supports a Wide Range of Applications:

No matter what your application is built for, at some point or the other, your app would relate or revolve around them that can reach different markets and end users. With the .NET Core framework, you have the ability to create apps in various domains that include IoT, gaming, mobile, AI and etc.

Recently more and more businesses are finding huge potential in Machine Learning, AI and Big Data and they have started to invest in integrating the components in their applications. Banking, education, healthcare, marketing and etc. have invested in such software applications.

Increased Security with .NET Core:

Security is nowadays a point of major consideration and having your application exposed over the web is a major thing and protecting it is a serious business. Fortunately, .NET comes with a wide range of mechanisms that are easy to use for authentication, data protection, authorization and attack prevention.

These features are used to protect the data, rotate keys, generate keys or even generate ephemeral keys. In terms of authentication, .NET Core allows you to integrate your apps with all the major external providers.

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It is Cost Effective:

While choosing the best technology for your application, one feature that every business owner or developer looks for is the investment in the technology. Though a lot of them are available for free, but many do not come with proper features. The .NET framework’s internal inventory like the SDK and the compilers are free altogether.

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