Why having Multiple Domain Names might Backfire in SEO

Why having Multiple Domain Names might Backfire in SEO

People are under the wrong impression if they feel buying multiple domain names for the same business does them good. No it does not. There are two main factors instrumental in making them think like this.
1) They look forward to protecting their business name. This forces them to buy out all available top level domains. So if the owner has a website with an extension .in, he makes sure he purchases ones with extensions of .biz, .mobi and .info. They do it as they fear others might buy these out before them and then try and attack the business with sadistic tactics.
2) They do it to dominate keyword search results. Since keywords are what domain names basically become famous for, they target them belligerently. In addition to their core websites, business promoters buy numerous keyword centric domain names. For example, the main website may be effectivetools.com, but others that get bought out include cheaptools.com, radianttools.com, importedtools.com etc.

Now given below are some very strong reasons why these notions might backfire, literally leading to nothing. They vindicate why these additional domains are simply of no use at all.
1. Copied Content: The content often gets copied from their existing websites. This often gives rise to duplicate content issues for search engines, instigating a situation where the new domains go unnoticed or completely overlooked.
2. Taking Care of Multiple Content Issues: To get rid of the issue discussed earlier, you have to create unique content each time for a different website. This means you spend more time managing your website, also compounding the investments you are compelled to make.
3. Incurring Additional Costs: All the money spent to buy and host a new website can be used better. You can use it to market your main website. Advertising is again a better option which ensures good returns. Instead of maintaining multiple domain names.
4. Confusion and Link Juices: With so many names, interested visitors are bound to get confused. They struggle very hard to realize the real identity of your business. Again, each domain might start building its own links categorically from various sources. If this is what is to happen, does the whole effort not get diluted? They spread across many domains and never point toward your website.

Read the write up closely and carefully. You will invariably come to know why having multiple domain names is a bad idea.

Never go by popular notion. Go better by logic.

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