Why Magento is Perfect Platform for eCommerce SEO

Why Magento is Better Choice for Ecommerce SEO?

2Presently, there are numerous eCommerce websites that are running online. This has raised the competition level a lot, which has left many retailers vying for the attention of their potential customers. The best way to grab the maximum eyeballs is by opting for the eCommerce platform that comes with advanced SEO capabilities.

Magento eCommerce platform comes with built-in SEO features that can provide prominence to your brand online. If you’ve opted for Magento eCommerce development, then you have made the right decision. It offers maximum exposure online that one would require to increase the customer base faster.

Here are the best SEO features that makes Magento distinct from the other eCommerce platforms:

Sitemap Generation

This is one of the most useful SEO features of Magento. A sitemap is generally a file that consists of all the URLs of your website. This makes it convenient for the crawlers to find the pages of your website that they’re after without any hassle. In turn, it leads to a higher satisfaction rate as they got the information without any delay.

Blazing Fast Website Speed

Nowadays, the search engines prefer websites that loads quickly. With people purchasing products using mobile devices, a fast speed has become an absolute must. Having a website that is mobile-friendly have higher chances to secure the top spot in SERPs. Magento offers SEO feature of fast loading pages that is present under the configuration setting.


If you want to make your website pages distinct in the online search, the schemas will be of great use. The good news is that Magento offers this feature by default. It comprehends the difficult topics and present them in the simplest way to the visitors. When your products are schema markups optimized, the higher search engine rankings are ensured.

Independent Page Titles

The text that you see on the top of the browser is the page title. It plays an integral role in the purchase decision. With Magento, you can easily optimize the page names in order to render an impeccable user experience. This will be useful in taking the SEO game to the next level. It allows the creation of independent page titles for your site’s pages that the user can bookmark to make search simpler.

Know More About Magento SEO Services

Category Page Optimization

All the products in an eCommerce website organized in different categories. This makes it easy for the visitors to find the products with ease. To perform the category page optimization in the right way, you need to set the canonical URLs properly. You are advised to check for the duplication as it can affect your brand’s reputation. Magento provides layered navigation feature that ensures smooth navigation, and aids in getting the right products faster.

Choose a Magento development company that has complete knowledge of all the SEO features of Magento platform, so to utilize its potential to the fullest in growing your business. Do your research properly to get the reliable names to suit your purpose.

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