SharePoint Application Adoption

Why Users May Get in The Way of SharePoint Application Adoption? Tips to Resolve

When a company decides to implement SharePoint intranet and tries to facilitate business processes that can help the employees with their day to day routine, and support collaboration, then many staffs may show no interest in the new system leaving it unused for days. This scenario is common and many people in the IT and those using IT tools will agree. There is no one to ask questions during the implementation phase until you get to the end and once your reach the end they will then tell you that what you did was wrong.

But sometimes, despite all the efforts, it becomes difficult for the users to accept SharePoint development. Let’s check some of the reasons here:

Why Some Users Reject Using SharePoint Intranet?

Poor intranet adoption may be the result of some psychological barriers, and it can also be a sign of defective UX or a lack of information.

Users may Use Other Tools and They Don’t Like SharePoint:

If you have plans to introduce SharePoint application, then do get ready to face user’s natural rejection. Employees who manage various tasks using other tools for a very long time may find it time consuming to accept any new tool and so they meet the solution with cold heart.

Inability to Understand and Handle the System:

Employees often become hostile when they have to learn one more system. They consider it to be a new time eater and also find it difficult at times to understand the functionality of the system. They don’t want to come out of their comfort zone, and don’t try to put some extra effort to accept SharePoint intranet.

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Its Unattractive and Dull:

SharePoint is a popular collaborative tool that has also attracted tons of negative feedbacks about its out of the box look and feel. So if your organization is not willing to invest into SharePoint customization services, then the risk of poor user adoption will usually be very high.

How to Improve SharePoint Intranet Adoption?

Have a Solid Plan:

It is very important to ensure that your staffs don’t suffer from a lackluster start. and for this you should create a plan for a new system deployment having the end user experience at top priority.  So, get all your end users involved early and also include a concept phase and a testing phase. Start with a proof of concept and allow the small team to start with the system before rolling it out to the entire mass.

Make Training Available to All:

Another most important thing is that organizations often get excited about implementing SharePoint as a new tool and often fail to consider things that can make everyone productive. Proper training given to the users often helps them get adjusted with the new process and tool.  The end user deserves to get training for better adoption rates and if people feel that they are not guided properly, then that can harm the user adoption.

Have Support in Place:

Adopting any new tool like SharePoint development can have a steep learning curve. Beyond the basic actions, there are multiple themes that are added and users may run into issues while applying the new technology to their work. This can lead to frustrations and the users may not get rapid assistance. It is only with a support team ready to quickly resolve such issues that users can happily adopt such new environment.

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