Steps that make Software Developmentp project fail

With Steep Competition, Its Vital to Avoid Traps that Make Software Projects Fail

While planning for a new software development project, do you have a doubt about its success rate? This seems to be because a surprising percent of software development project doesn’t get the chance to see the market as they fail to meet the desired requirements.

Whether it is a mobile application or a software development project, the result of a failed project can be really devastating and costly too. And when this happens, it is only a waste of resources, time and money.

Why does this happen?  There are a lot of combination of factors that are to be blamed. Here in this blog, I will analyze some of the reasons that may cause a software development project to fail.

Insufficient Time to Meet the Project Deadlines:

It is common for companies to set any unrealistic deadlines for their projects without even adequate data or reason to back-up the decisions. Further estimations are at times done hastily without any consultation with the programmers on how much time they need for the specific project.

Companies often rush to get their projects live and the problem is that because of less time they have to sacrifice on the usability and the design for the sake of project completion.

This problem can be solved by proper planning of time and consulting the programmers before they start writing the codes.

Tips: If the programmers are aware of the scope of the project, then they will have enough time to plan, to meet the deadlines that are set.

Unclear Project Specifications:

Project specifications should be very clear at the early stage of planning. Unfortunately, if the managers and executives are not very clear about the scope of the project, it will leave the developers unsure of what the features the clients would need.

In case the developers start the project without complete understanding of the requirements, they will definitely face problems and won’t be able to stand up with the quality of the software.

Hiring a reliable and experienced software development company in India will have a great understanding of the project needs and will be able to handle the development process accordingly.

Tips:  Clearly write down the needs of the project development and the business challenges that it needs to solve.

Poor Means of Communication:

Customized software development projects often require a transparent and clear communication between the developer’s team and client. A fixed channel for communication should be decided so that after every phase of the project, proper information is shared and essential changes made instantly before proceeding to the next phase.

Any breakdown in the communication means is one of the biggest reasons considered for the failure of any software development project.

Tips: If customers get involved in every step of the project development phase, then any early indicator of the project going to fail can be efficiently handled.

Poor Feasibility Analysis:

Before starting a large scale software development project, the customer should always undertake a feasibility analysis to make sure that the project makes sense and the work can actually be implemented.

It is very important to clear all the legal frameworks that also outlines the project, which includes both the expectations of the parties for a successful outcome. Any dispute in the middle of the development process would be a total loss of time as well as money.

Tips:  A complete feasibility analysis of the project can ensure that no disputes crop up in the middle of the development process.

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