WordPress Maintenance and Support

Focus on What You Do Best. WordPress Maintenance is Easy with Us Now!

WordPress is a wonderful CMS and of course the preferred choice of many website owners. And because of its immense popularity, it is important to be cared and maintained regularly to prevent unauthorized access to data and handle everything from monthly updates to site security. Client prospecting, analyzing and strategizing your marketing channels will help your business grow and you can serve best by focusing on these tasks.


So, if you are someone who wants to stop worrying about the site and save your precious time, then we at IDS Logic take pride in offering unparalleled WordPress maintenance and support services.

If leaving the maintenance of your WordPress website to an expert saves both time and money, then why should you worry and try to make small fixes all by yourself? We are a group of WordPress experts with years of experience who are obsessed to deliver quality WordPress maintenance and support services on time. We make the task relatively easy.

Whether it is WordPress themes and plugins, optimizing the database, checking for compatibility issues or backups, our technical experts can do it all. Our services give you a complete peace of mind over your backups, content changes, security and 24X7 monitoring.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans Include:

We at IDS Logic enable business owners to devote more time on running their business and spend less time worrying about their site.

Security: Our technical staff adopts a proactive approach to security that combines fixing potential threats, firewalls etc. before they become a big problem.

Updates: Hackers and unauthorized people often take the advantage of outdated WordPress sites and exploit your work. Monthly and daily updates keep you safe from such attacks.

Backups: With proper maintenance and support services, you no more have to worry about losing valuable data. Our regular backups to secured storage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis help to store data and also revert to the previous version easily.

Uptime monitoring: With our 24/7 monitoring services, you will be the first person to know when your site is offline, and we will take every step to get you back online without any waste of time.

Database optimization: The performance of your site is important to your visitors and even the search engines. We help you to optimize your database and reduce the risk of information and database corruption.

WordPress is popular for its flexibility and versatility. While the development team really does an amazing job to keep the site running and functional, unfortunately website owners don’t benefit as the site is not updated and maintained from time to time, which makes it vulnerable to spyware and malicious attacks. We have years of expertise in WordPress and can offer you a great crew for smooth sailing of your site.

Feel free to send us an email with your requirements and our technical team will get back to you soon!

Case Study

Krueger Guitars
Based on the WordPress theme and using the WPML module for the dual language aspect, the website Krueger Guitars offer guitar repair services that are geared to meet specific needs.
Case Study-Enlighten-Electrical
Enlighten Electrical, built on the WordPress platform is your one stop destination for all your electrical needs covering installations, tests and repairs for both commercial and domestic customers.
Novonutrition is a WordPress CMS based website that is fully responsive and offers its visitors a wide range of protein products. The site has helped the client to target a wider market base and increase their brand awareness.