Yahoo Masterstroke More holistic results for local searches

Yahoo! Masterstroke: More holistic results for local searches

Yahoo! has taken a leap in the search results domain by initiating a facility that will simplify the process of local business search. Whenever a search has to be conducted for a local business, the user can opt for shortcuts. The shortcuts include the non-inclusion of location in the search query which when processed produces refined results, benefitting the user in numerous ways. The specified shortcuts will have many added advantages as the search results will display all necessary information regarding the entity being searched.

Local service providers will start attracting more business as the search results will display their contact details whenever a potential customer types in the desired keywords even though the location does not get mentioned. In fact, the user gets access to all such providers within that jurisdiction and gets ample choices to take his pick.

The searches have been made more intricate with the results displaying service providers from every neighborhood within that area. The results can also be filtered by cities in close proximity by a click. In case the location happens to be a metropolitan, then the results can be subsequently filtered in accordance to neighborhood.

To quote an example, if the user types in keywords “Hair Dresser Oklahoma” and then decides that he wants to know about hair dressers only within the neighborhood, he simply goes onto to click “Noe Valley”. This move/shortcut helps him in getting results that are around the district.

The move has drawn praise from a lot of players within the industry circle. Many have hailed it as the next step towards categorical search and many have said it to be the perfect recipe to obtain intricate search results. SEO service providers have also got a chance to revel in this latest revelation which amplifies their chances of being placed more comprehensively on search engines.

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