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How to Segment Your Sitefinity Website Visitors and Engage Them with Personalized Content?

Gone are the days when your visitors loved a product on your website and gave a call to the sales department to know how the product would help them personally. They just visited your website to find some generic information that fits everyone’s needs without anything specific.

But today, buyers are more demanding and always look for a personalized experience. This has become a great challenge for the website owners as the visitors are new and you are not much aware of their likes and dislikes.

But if you are keen to grow your business, then you will need to target a special segment of business prospects and offer them personalized messages so that they are able to complete the call to action and turn them into your customers.





Sitefinity is a great Content Management System that has the ability to dynamically personalize the content of your site so that different user segments of your site can be targeted. This feature is popularly known as content personalization.

The basic concept of content personalization is that you need to first break the audience into various segments based on the criteria like location, referral URLs and purchase behaviors.

Based on this data, you can select to personalize your Sitefinity web pages and show a different version of the page to different users.

But before you start to personalize your web content to convert your visitors to leads, it is important to prepare a proper plan for Sitefinity content personalization. It is best to look at the criteria that can be used to segment your audience.


Here is what you should do before personalizing the content of your Sitefinity CMS website

Attract the Right Type of Audience:

It is by using the business database that Sitefinity can actually identify the characteristics of the business of website visitors and then segment them in real time.

The user intelligence foundation functions without using any cookies and data related to the previous visitors who have interacted on the site, so that Sitefinity can easily target, attract and also convert them the first time they visit.


Segment the Users:

It is very important to employ various criteria for the personalization of the content. This can be done by segmenting the audience based on the characteristics of the users in the Sitefinity Personalization module. The segmentation can be done based on:

  1. Location based audience
  2. The device that audiences are using like mobile or desktop
  3. The sectors that they come from like financial services, healthcare and etc.

Some other different characteristics based on which your Sitefinity website visitors can be:

  1. IP Address: This allows you to enter the IP addresses so that you can match the IP addresses of the users visiting your website.
  2. Landing urls: You can specify the landing URLS so that you can identify where the user landed on your site when they came to your site.
  3. Profile fields: This is a great option to find when the users actually log in and also who have accounts on your website.
  4. Location: This allows you to choose the locations from a previously defined list that is offered by Sitefinity
  5. Time of day: This enables you to create a segment that is based on the time when the user visited your site
  6. Duration: With this option, you can look at the user’s length of the stay on your page and this can range in minutes or seconds.

“Once you have segmented your users and personalized their experience, it is time to measure the results of your efforts and find out whether your audience segment is doing what you exactly want them to do or not.”


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