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How to Personalize Web Content with Sitefinity?

Whether you are expanding your existing business or starting a new one, presenting informative content to the customers about your products and services, creating a company blog or developing an ecommerce store is a must. Though you may need only one service to start with but managing content proficiently is vital. Driving more conversions with personalized content can help you to target varied audiences based on their characteristics.

It is here that Sitefinity, a Microsoft.Net based CMS is perfect for a business that requires a flexible and extensible environment to present their company information and keep the site updated.

How to Personalize Web Content with Sitefinity?

Personalization feature of your CMS allows you to stop entering generic content to your audience and produce a more relevant and personal conversation. Today, many business organizations are adopting this method to increase the number of visitors to their website.

Since there are various options to personalize the content, it can be difficult to determine where to start with. While using Sitefinity website development, you can use two methods to start with personalization:

Agile Method:

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Personalization of your web content can be done based on various parameters and presenting the content for even fewer options may make the project very large. So, it is very important to choose the correct option to avail the maximum advantage of it. Agile marketing is a good platform to start working on targeted web content projects as it allows you to break the job into smaller parts and generate better results. Some of the ways to decide where to start with personalized content is:

  • Choose a particular area or a geographic region for the campaign
  • Select a highly visible resource that a huge number of people will visit like the homepage
  • Select a personalized resource and a non-personalized version and compare the results to check the benefits

If your chosen resource doesn’t generate a good result, then you have to check if the measures that you have adopted are incorrect or not.

Conversion testing:

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This method allows you to test various approaches and select the best one that offers good results. This approach, when used for Sitefinity CMS guarantees a short path to optimize the conversion rates. This approach is even more data driven than the agile marketing approach and allows the marketers to use hard information to guide the choices. Thus, running a small test and checking the results associated with it, gives you the essential tools to take the right decision that you may have been missing earlier. The analytics that are generated can create a great impact on your overall business results.


What Should You Target to Start Sitefinity Personalized Content?

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  • Educative analysis: This type of analysis is also based on data driven approach. For example, a specific type of person may buy a product more than others or the sales in a particular region of a product may be more than the other areas. Based on this type of data, you can form an educated guess to improve your personalized content strategy.
  • Predictive analysis: This is another method where an algorithm is used to guess the best opportunity. A look at the detailed data that can influence the conversion rate of the traffic can help in solving some of the challenges of personalized content.
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