5 Important Reasons Why Software Testing Is Essential

A thorough testing is fundamental for any software application and it is this process that determines whether the design and requirement specifications have been met or not. As we all are human beings and may commit errors in any process, some of the errors might have a great impact in the development process and can break the whole software. Testing can be defined as the practice of making a judgement regarding the extent to which the application or device meets or fails the stated objectives.

So, there is one thing that we all can agree on, software testing is considered to be an integral part of software development and here,
I will discuss with you 5 most important reasons of why we need to test our applications.

Ensure that it does what it is supposed to do:

There are many software testing companies that are hired by organizations so that they can confirm that the solution offers what they actually need and does what it is supposed to do. Testing is needed to verify that your new functionality, live chat widgets, etc. works as it is intended. Any new features added may break a forgotten legacy feature, but in that case a thorough regression testing is sure to catch the problem before it reaches the users. Irrespective of the development methodology used by your team, the ultimate goal of testing remains the same, which is to make sure that it does what it is supposed to do.

To check that the solution with increased load:

Many times, it is seen that software functions properly when only few people are using it, but with hundreds of people hitting the site at the same time, it might crash down or increase the page load time, which is very annoying to the visitors. If you want to be sure that your site is always up and is running properly, no matter how many people logs in, then a thorough load testing is needed to discover any issues so that you can fix them.

The user may mishandle the application:

Users are not always very efficient to use the software solution carefully. At times they may mishandle the application and cause shut downs. Many organizations think that bugs that will never be discovered need not be addressed as they represent edge cases that are so remote that the user will never encounter it.  But chances are always there that a user might encounter such errors while using the application. A thorough exploratory testing and general testing can help to uncover pretty bugs and fix them before situation goes worse.

Compatibility with browsers and devices: 

We all are lucky that we have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of phones, tablets, laptops and etc. that works on different operating systems. Checking the application for compatibility is essential as you will come to know how the users are able to use the application and create responsive designs accordingly for more customer satisfaction.

Ultimate user satisfaction and bug free solution:

A small error or bug may make the task more difficult to complete. At times it may even lead to compromising your user’s privacy. So, before a website or an app is released, it is the responsibility of the software testing company to make sure that the solution is error free and can be launched with confidence.


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