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Software Testing: Quantifiable Improvement in Quality and Reduced Failure Risk

Organizations today are trying to find innovative ways to ensure high quality applications as there is immense growth in technology and more and more people are adopting them. A slight mistake in the app can cost huge money to the company leading to major financial loss. With this, the demand for software quality assurance consulting has significantly grown and emergence of various technologies has made a profound impact, which has necessitated the adoption of testing services.

IDS Logic, a reliable software testing company backed by a strong legacy of testing expertise offers a wide range of testing services to various industry verticals that allows enterprises to seamlessly embrace technologies while assuring flawless user experience. All our solutions are results of diverse experiential knowledge and are critical indicators that help in early detection of defects and help in correction and proactive decision making. Be it manual and automated software testing or you need a dedicated testing team – we deliver on this and a lot more!

The Value of Independent Testing

Today, a vast majority of software apps involve multiple technologies that demands perfect compatibility requirements. The final application should be error free and for this a thorough testing of the product is essential. To make sure that all functional and non-functional requirements, performance, security and etc. are checked, you need an independent testing team to take care of this.

At IDS Logic, we have a team of testing experts who adopt a holistic approach towards fixing the errors in the software products leading to enhanced application quality, reduced market time and low cost of ownership. We understand the significance of independent testing on parameters of scalability and functionality for IT products. All our solutions are customized to meet specific requirements of our clients and are primarily focused on delivering results that add value to the business. We use the Agile Testing model and some of the latest test management tools like HP ALM, JIRA, Redmine, Axosoft, Prism, and also have exposure to other tools also.

  • Independent testers are likely to find more errors than the programming team
  • They bring a different set of assumptions to review and test that often helps to identify hidden defects and bugs
  • Since the testers make a different team, they are allotted a budget on training, tools and test equipment and this helps them to remain updated about the latest technologies.

As a matter of fact, with the great mix of skilled people and revolutionary tools and technologies, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing Services to all our clients located in the UK, USA, India and Canada– giving them the peace of mind that they deserve!

So, if you are looking for a reliable software testing company, then we offer services that are a perfect blend of industry know-how and consulting expertise that help to improve the application quality. Rely on our fast, efficient and fail-safe test solutions and enjoy better performing software.

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