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5 Most Essential Open Source Tools That Web Designer Should Consider in 2020

Even a few years ago, most of the webpages on the internet was at some level designed painstakingly by hand and so it was a tough task before CSS tool offered support across most common browsers. Today, there are many open source software readily available in the marketplace that can support your web and graphic needs. Open source is not just valuable because of its zero price tag, but also because it offers a supportive community that is spread across the world. 

When it comes about open source development, it is quite difficult to maintain a low cost without free applications or tools. There are a lot of open source tools that are available to help you become an excellent web designer.

Here in this blog, lets discuss some of the free and accessible tools that can be used by everyone.


This is a widely used software designing platform for creating web, mobile and desktop applications with JavaScript, Java, HTML5 and more. It is also supported by Oracle and in the year 2016, it moved to the Apache Foundation for open governance and streamlined community contributions. Netbeans isn’t a drag and drop web design application, but it is a robust web aware IDE.  If you are developing a website app, then this is a great choice for you.

Visual Studio Code: 

This is a Microsoft product and is an open source software. But now you have Ubuntu running in the CLI mode on Windows and they have a free text editor.  With VS Code launched, it has developed a strong fan base. It can be easily integrated with other Microsoft development tools. So, it you are using Windows and coding in ASP.Net, you might check what this editor has for you.


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This is one of the most popular, open source graphic designing tools and it is a feature packed graphic design suite and image editor. It is much similar to Adobe Photoshop layout and is a fantastic tool for the beginners or advanced designers who work with photos. It is also a high quality framework for scripted image direction and for C, Perl, Python, C++. It can be used as a counterpart to Adobe Photoshop.


This is a site builder and users can open it up and also edit the site designs online.  It offers responsive designs and helps to edit the codes yourself, undo/redo, check several preview modes. It also comes with a set of pre-defined page elements that you can easily drag and drop. It can be included in a bigger app like a site builder service, a newsletter managing app, an installable CMS and etc. The learning curve may be steep for anyone who is not familiar with web design, but it is a useable page editor.


This is an open source web designing tool that looks similar to CodePen as it basically serves similar purpose, and experiments with bits of front end code. One major difference is that in addition to using it as a web app, you can easily download it for Windows, Linux, Mac, ChromeOS and Android. This is simply great for offline development and is also great for projects where the client might not prefer having project data and code experiments in the cloud. It comes with CSS preprocessors and with every other framework that you can name.


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