Easy Steps to Build Your Zendesk Help Center

8 Quick and Easy Steps to Build Your Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk knowledge base theme integration is not at all a difficult task if you follow some tips. Theme integration and customization simply involves a few hours. It’s not a joke, believe me!

Now creating a design, html conversion and developing an application from scratch is old fashioned and just a wastage of both resources and money.

There are lots of free and paid themes available in the market. You can download one as per your needs and install it on your Zendesk account. If you have a little bit of knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, you can do it yourself even without any help from an expert.


Here are the Steps to Build Your Zendesk Help Center

  1. Select your preferred theme from the market place.
  2. Download it in your local machine.
  3. Login your Zendesk account with administrator privilege.
  4. Click on the right top Zendesk product icon and go to the guide.
  5. Go to themes and click on import
  6. Select the downloaded theme from your local machine.
  7. Make your newly installed theme LIVE.
  8. Click on theme and customize it.

Your Help Center is now ready to use for your customers/users.


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Sunil Kumar

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