Mobile App Development Trends 2020

App Development Trends That You Need to Follow in 2020

Gartner has predicted that there will be around 20 billion devices linked to IoT by the year 2020 and Iot service providers and products will add more than $300 billion business. There is no doubt that the connected world of the IoT is rapidly progressing at a great pace and everyone is looking for a bright future as it will have a great impact on our lives.

There are numerous technologies that have a great impact on the mobile app development industry in 2020. So let’s take a look at some of the modern trends.

Smart Home Devices will Gain Popularity:

People who have discarded smart home technology as unrealistic toys will find it difficult to resist the charm of smart home devices together with IoT.

Smart home devicesAll these devices will become very popular in the coming years as they are highly innovative and extend the comfort of home automation and also add to home security and the safety of the family.

Security will be the Biggest Priority:

With increased adoption, more and more devices will get connected to the AI and Internet of Things. As the network expands, the volume of data also increases and there is a risk of information. With crucial data floating in the cloud, patient health and home security will be at risk.

Mobile App Security

So mobile app development will have to be safer than ever. Machine to machine authentication and biometric logins will also become the basic norm.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data:

The amount of data that has to be processed and analyzed will grow exponentially. The idea is not only to collect information, but also extract information that can be processed from the data. This will need some big data and AI engineering techniques to process it.


The convergence of AI, Big Data and IoT will bring in a new wave of applications and advances.

Blockchain Technology: 

Many governmental institutes and financial organizations will now be self-governing, decentralized and smart. Organizations should be prepared to see centralized and monolithic computer models and micro services will now be distributed to decentralized devices and machines.


Blockchain will penetrate sectors that include, health, transactions, finance, government and etc.

Personalization of the Retail Experience:

Another latest trend in the app development area is personalization of the retail experience. This will make the retail supply chain management very efficient and with the help of sensors, the shopping experience will become easier and people can shop more precisely.

retail experience

This will also have personalized your commercial presence and shoppers can now expect to receive a discount notification on a product that is purchased from their favorite store.

M-commerce Applications:

With more and more people using the mobile to purchase products, the future of m-commerce looks quite promising. Google Wallet and Apple Pay have always encouraged the customer to shop using their smartphones instead of their credit or debit cards.

M-Commerce Applications

Ecommerce and retail businesses prefer applications that allow their customers to shop easily and also make the transactions possible without any physical cards and cash.

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