Automated Web Application Testing Using Selenium Tool

Quality has always been a critical factor for software products and applications. With customers becoming more tech savvy and the business market becoming extremely competitive, it is very important to thoroughly test the project before it is launched. Besides other factors like the expertise of the team members, quality of software processes involved, the effectiveness of the testing process is also a major factor that helps to determine the quality of application.

One of our clients had an ecommerce website and wanted to integrate some features and design it so as to facilitate expansion of the business and enhance sales. The management recognized that the site was not performing according to their goals as it lacked some essential features needed for business growth and good customer experience. Since the company offered a wide range of products to its customers, the goals was to boost the performance of the site, satisfy the customers’ needs and keep a proper track of the inventory, so that the customers had a great shopping experience.

The key technical challenge was to establish a Selenium driven framework as a software testing approach that could take cognizance of convenience of the end users and convergence of delivery models for accounting, content management, service desk applications that are a part and parcel of every big and small business.

Our team of proficient testers in IDS Logic successfully implemented Selenium automation testing tool to ensure automatic management of the test execution. The rules were defined for test suite execution, for example, it is initialized on any code changes, on build deployed and etc. Selenium tool helped to execute the entire codes and thoroughly test them without any manual intervention.
Initial scripts were created by using Selenium Web Driver and functions were created as per the framework needed. While running the test cases on Selenium automation testing tool, integration complexities were looked into and then the defects were documented for further reference.

Any defects that were discovered using the bug tracking system was then rectified. Each time any changes were incorporated, the application underwent the entire automation testing process to establish integration credentials. We applied both component and unit software testing to validate the application in parts and as a whole unit that guaranteed robust integration and unfailing performance.

How Selenium Testing Helped Our Client?

Low cost Selenium testing services from IDS Logic helped our client to develop the project within the budget and offered enhanced service to the customers while remaining competitive in the market. Our dedicated team helped to complete web application testing using Selenium within the time limit as per the convenience of the client and independent testing helped to offer possible customer expectations and fix the defects accordingly. Our in-house experts complemented each other and the client was kept well informed about the progress of the project at every stage. Our effective and transparent testing approach helped the client to better communicate their requirements to us.

Thus, IDS Logic team made the essential changes needed by the client in their project and this was attained by implementing automated testing in most of the business workflows and heavily used areas and an error free solution was finally delivered.


  • I heard about selenium tool earlier but didn’t try it for a while. The reason is, I’ve no idea and didn’t know how to use this selenium tool. After reading this article, I get some idea and I think this tool would be helpful. I check my websites browsing speed in several times, now I use this beautiful selenium tool. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this essential tool with us.

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