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Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins That You Should Consider

Are you planning to use social share buttons on your WordPress website, but struggling hard to choose the best one available on the internet?

Every WordPress website has some type of social buttons and that is for a good reason. They help to make it easy for the visitors to share the web content on social platforms or even follow the social media accounts.

At times too much choice of social media plugins often makes the selection a difficult process. That’s why, I have decided to help you and discuss some of the deep plugins with lots of features.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Social Warfare:

This plugin allows you to automatically or manually insert big social sharing buttons into your content. It has a basic free version, but the premium version comes with a lot of interesting functionalities like Pinterest-specific images and more.

It supports six social media networks in the free version and that includes Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook. The buttons can be displayed either above the content or below the content. The plugin also comes with a “popular post” widget that lists the latest articles with thumbnails according to the times they have been shared on social platforms.

Easy Social Share Buttons

This has evolved a lot since its launch in the year 2013. It holds the title of best-selling plugin on CodeCanyon where it retails for $20. The plugin supports about 50 social networks and lets you share the buttons automatically in more than 30 positions.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Development

Many positions like pop-ups, floating bars and fly-ins can be easily triggered by the events like time spent on the pages, percent of the page scrolled, purchasing an item and etc. The versatility and the number of beautiful buttons that are available to the users make the plugin a preferred choice among the users.

Ultimate Social Media:

This is a popular, free social plugin that is easy and simple to use. One unique feature about this plugin is the wide range of style buttons that you can easily choose from, especially the premium version. With more than 4109 reviews and active on more than 100,000 sites, it is a good choice.

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If you want a simple social media sharing plugin for your WordPress website, then you may check this sharing module within Automattic’s Jetpack plugin. It has over 5 million active installations and allows you to display simple buttons from most of your popular social networks.  You can either choose to display icons only or text only or icons with text.

Jetpack has fewer customization options and it integrates with your content seamlessly and offers a great look to the articles or blogs.


It is a premium plugin for WordPress websites and is a bit expensive. This plugin is from Elegant themes, the maker of the popular Divi theme. It helps you to display social share buttons from 35 different networks and you can easily customize the style of the buttons and also add social share counts.

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