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Build A Strong Sitefinity Mobile Strategy for A Successful Online Business

Customer experience is always very important for a successful business and it is tied to customer engagement, revenue, retention rates and also overall loyalty. If the customer journey is complex, then making the most out of your business might not be possible.

However, with recent technological development that are combined with best practices, companies can easily regain their control and also create memorable experiences for the shoppers. Creating mobile applications for your business is a great way to make things easier for the shoppers while on the go. And with Sitefinity 11, this will become easier than before.


How Sitefinity CMS Helps to Kick Start Your Mobile Strategy


CMS Mobile App Builder:


Sitefinity development makes mobile experience a reality for everyone and using the Sitefinity mobile app builder helps the business owners to create mobile apps simply by checking the box to re purpose content.

You can use any content to create apps that work on various devices and mobile apps offer the ultimate engaging experience by leveraging the data and device sensors like the geolocation, which can boost the relevancy of the content that is displayed.

Responsive Design:

A well-designed navigation and an elegant page layout is surely going to please your mobile visitors and for this, you need to implement many features and functionalities that will make the mobile experience amazing.

Sitefinity CMS developers can easily combine the layout and responsive capabilities of Sitefinity that makes it easy to transform the Sitefinity desktop application into the one that fits the mobile phones or tablets. Reusing the existing pages and the content present in it helps to deliver a message to your wide audience base without having the need to manage it in multiple locations.


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Whether the users are surfing the site from a tablet, or a smartphone, Sitefinity’s screen size detection feature confirms that the site will always look at it best in every device.

Personalized Mobile Content:

With Sitefinity it is possible to automatically connect with the visitors via personalized content based on the criteria or segment of your audience. These customers can be easily retained and optimized by using mobile strategies like responsive designs.

With Sitefinity CMS, mobile applications can be created and you can also segment your content delivery by using personalized factors like the location or time of the day so that the best and relevant content is delivered to the mobile visitors.

How to Start Your Sitefinity Mobile Strategy?

Since developing a mobile app for your business is a crucial thing, it is very important to follow a proper strategy and focus on the right point to get the best benefits. So, here are the few things that you should consider:

Mobile Strategy
1.People: You should know the visitors who are coming to your websites via a mobile device. Knowing your audience will help you to present the best content according to their requirements.

2.Purpose Know why they are coming to your site and what are they exactly looking for. This is critical to understands and so you can use customer behavior data to get a deeper insight into it.

3.Place: Where are your customers coming from and what are the sources that are driving the mobile traffic to your site? Try to trace their location, so that you can create location specific information needed by the users.

4.Prioritise: Use data to understand which pages are the most active ones and are accessed by the mobile visitors as this will help to assign priority.

5.Pitch: Your Sitefinity CMS should be able to handle the mobile work. People who visit your site through content, the CMS should be able to manage it all and also deliver an amazing mobile experience for your site visitors.

“To conclude, we can say that Sitefinity’s structure is designed so that it can optimize the mobile experience directly in the UI and help users leverage anything from mobile websites to responsive designs with more rich features coming with Sitefinity 11.”


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