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Common Mistakes Made by Drupal Beginners that Needs to be Avoided

Drupal CMS is one of the most famous platforms that the developers use to create robust and scalable solutions. Most of the websites having rich features and budget are made of Drupal as it offers optimal performance. Developers prefer to choose Drupal because of its reliability, security and flexibility. But many of them are yet not aware of how to use it properly.

Here in this blog, let’s dive deeper and analyze the developer’s activities that could at times make Drupal development ineffective and also see some means to get better results for your website. This guide will help you to save your web pages from getting spoiled because of silly mistakes.

Bad Content Architecture:

A proper plan is needed for your web content and if the structure is messy and offers incoherent experience for the site visitors, then there would be a waste of resources together with worse performance. Sometimes, without a proper procedure and clear understanding of the client’s needs a website may fail to serve the purpose.


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So, try to reduce the number of content fields, types and tables. Avoid creating similar fields as it would only add to the complexity of the site. Take some time to decide on the structure and how the Drupal architecture should look like to enhance the website’s performance.

Stop Using Unnecessary Drupal Modules in Your Site:

New Drupal developers may be fascinated by the range of modules available, which may lead to installing many of them. Even if Drupal developers don’t use all the modules at the beginning of developing a site, they might think of integrating them later.

It is important to realize that the more elements you have, the slower your site would be and at times you might even mess with the codes creating more troubles.

No Backups of the Website:

Another major mistake that most Drupal developers make is not to take the backup of their website. Inexperienced developers often don’t consider it essential to take a backup of the site and also avoid knowing the importance of it.

Backups are important for the site because it helps to protect the site from spam content and flooded comments. They also aid the developers and help them to restore the original data in case any problem occurs on the site.

Not Following the W3C Standards and Guidelines:

Another mistake that most Drupal developers make is not writing codes while following the standardized coding structure and format in the sites. This creates lots of issues when the codes are not free from errors or they are not understandable and well documented. 


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It is suggested that starters follow the best software development practices in Drupal to use the W3C guidelines and it is by using this approach that your codes can be free from errors, easy to follow by any other developers.

Not Making the Site User Friendly and not Assigning Proper Roles and Permissions:

The user interface is very important for browsing the site. If the developers don’t consider this, then Drupal developers won’t be able to create value for the site. It is suggested to maintain an invariable style that is easy to maintain and helps write clean codes. The last thing that they should check is to assign appropriate roles and permissions to the right users.

Thus, to conclude, we can say that it is not surprising to see Drupal beginners making mistakes. But they need to learn about how to manage and create a website in the best possible manner so that there is less chance of failures after the site goes live.

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