Common Mistake You Should Avoid React Native App

Common Mistakes That React Native App Developers Should Avoid

App development has become imperative for all businesses and it is not surprising that the app development industry is thriving and with more than 204 billion apps downloaded in the year 2019, it has in fact become a lucrative opportunity for new business owners. There are a lot of programing tools available in the marketplace and some are free and some are paid. React Native is a popular mobile app development framework that is developed by Facebook and it is an open source platform that allows the developers to create excellent quality apps for both Android and iOS at the same time.

While using react native development for mobile apps, it is common that developers make some errors and mistakes that results into extended deadlines, issues with functionalities and etc. As the demand for applications are increasing so is the pressure on the developers to create apps faster. Also driving the demand is the continuous upgrades that advance the framework. With a little extra carefulness, developers can create react native apps easily by avoiding the errors that can ruin the user experience.

The framework constructs a hierarchy of JavaScript code building UI elements and as it has a collection of components to create an app with a native look and feel for both iOS and Android platforms.  It is with the support of plugins that you can easily integrate the components into the device. The development of react based app is comparatively efficient, simple and quick and this is a boon for the React Native development.

Mistakes that the Developers Should Avoid:

Overlook the Estimation of the App Layout:

One of the basic concern while using React Native development is its code reusability. The developers often commit this mistake, which is not considering that an app page for the iOS and the Android platforms can vary and also differ in terms of the page structure. Lack of experience in designing and not following the layout guidelines may lead to wrong estimation. Checking the database and also the backend endpoints while creating the web page can help to handle the codes properly in your web app.

Improper Planning for the Redux Store:

Redux is a tool that helps to effectively manage an application and it also allows the React Native developers to store the data that is gathered by the app properly. Generally, the tool is used to manage larger and heavier applications and React Native development companies make use of Redux tool. However, proper planning is needed to avoid any issues. Using Redux more can also increase the total amount of workload and so this is not suitable for small projects.

Incorrect Project Structure:

To work and manage a wrong project structure is really very difficult and time consuming. The structuring of the project can be done in various ways and the developers can easily make their life easier by organizing the files, folders and project. Usually React Native developers who are beginners don’t pay much attention to structuring and organizing things, which create a lot of issues later on. So, it is highly important to have a good project structure while developing a react native app. 


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Not Writing the Unit Tests:

This is one of the most common mistakes that are made by the developers.  It is often overlooked as without unit testing applications can still work technically. The unit test enables the developers to independently test the parts of the application and ensure that certain functionality works as they are expected to do. Writing the unit tests helps to save the time by pointing out immediately to track the bug and allows to test the software quickly.

Not Reading the Codes Extracted from the External Modules:

The mobile app development is no doubt a time consuming and complicated process and many wish to reduce the hassle as much as possible. Developers adopt all means to reduce it and one common means is to use the external modules during the app development. Since these modules tend to come with documentation and have formed codes, they quicken the process. But one common mistake that the developers make while using the external modules is not reading the codes that it consists.

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