Converting PSD to HTML5

Converting PSD to HTML5: The Need and The Process

Today, people love to devote their time using the internet for various reasons that include, gathering information, getting the latest news, availing any services or for online shopping. Any difficulty in using a particular site means moving to some other site for better services. And this hampers any thriving online business as they lose potential customers who will never come back to their site for information or services.

Web designers are formulating new concepts that are innovative and can attract the visitors. Brilliant ideas come up, but the most essential thing is to make those designs easily loaded at minimum amount of time. Here in this blog, I will discuss why conversion from PSD to HTML5 is an important aspect that affects the performance and the functionality of the website.

A site cannot be launched until the PSD based designs are converted into proper HTML5 codes. And this can only be done by experts. Any website designer can create great designs that are attractive. For this they usually place images or pictures that are mostly saved as PSD files. But these files cannot be loaded and needs to have a conversion to HTML5. This is important to create a site that is extremely semantic, W3C validates and cross browser compatible.

The Need for PSD to HTML5 Conversion

PSD to HTML5 conversion is needed so that the site gets a good reception from the search engines and so optimum coding is done.  Since different information and data are maintained in-house in various formats and appearances, difficulties are faced regarding arranging and keeping the data in an orderly manner. The conversion helps to get all the file in order and maintain uniformity for easy retrieval and review. Since PSD is not compatible with many formats, it is important to undergo the conversion process.

The Conversion Process

The PSD to HTML5 conversion process starts with slicing the images and to do this, the web programmers open the PSD based files in the Photoshop or any other compatible software. By slicing the files, the web coder can make changes in it. He can easily add or remove links and text boxes, add buttons, change the background color or the images and etc. After the files are sliced, the programmer saves them in bitmap, JPEG or GIF formats.

The coder then integrates the PSD files into easy HTML5 language. Now the photoshop files are hand-coded into cross browser compatible, pixel perfect, W3C validated HTML5 language.

The conversion process can only be done by experts having years of knowledge and we at IDS Logic have the expertise to convert your PSD files to any compatible language depending on your website. Our developers help you to improve and upgrade the search rankings of your site in all the major search engines.

It is our clear understanding of the requirements, knowledge about the latest tools and trends and firm determination that helps us to create solutions that attract potential visitors to your site and help you to enhance your business revenues.

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