Reasons to choose zend framework

Convincing Reasons to Use Zend PHP Framework for Your Upcoming Project

Trying to choose the best framework for your upcoming project? PHP is a framework that is responsible for powering more than 80% of the websites in the net.

This server side scripting language has prompted the development of a lot of other PHP frameworks and among them the Zend framework is like a revolutionary development.

Today, it is used by more than thousands of developers all over the globe to create interactive and powerful web applications. Featuring a modular approach, service manager, event manager, this PHP framework can easily boost an enterprise by powering robust applications.

Most Important Functionalities that Make Zend Framework Suitable for You:

Extended Classes. Take advantage of it Like Never Before.

Zend PHP framework is a completely object oriented platform and includes the inheritance concept. It uses a lot of object oriented, which helps the developers to apply their own versions without hacking the codebase design in order to bring uniqueness to each project.
The developers can take advantage of this feature and easily implement variations.

Ease of Performing Complex Tasks:

Another major reason of using Zend framework for enterprise application development is its ability to allow the developers to do many things easily.

Developers can simply use zend-auth to authenticate the user and for more control on your resources, you can simply go for zend_acl. Even zend_form is simple and allows to create a form for you.

The Goodness of Object Oriented:

In the Zend framework, everything is considered as an object. Though this has its own disadvantages, like making things complicated to code, but its main advantage is its ability to reuse the codes. Since nobody wants to develop things from scratch every time, it is a very good feature of Zend.


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Highly Customizable: 

Customization is the core ability of the Zend Framework that helps the web developers to create an application with varied options and choices. With the Zend framework, you can easily modify your website in any manner and also use a wide range of customizing tools that are obtainable with the framework.

It is a completely object oriented framework, which follows the concept of reusability and inheritance. The best part of Zend PHP framework is that developers can easily customize the Zend application in no time.

Supports multi-lingual websites:

The Zend_translate component helps to make multi language web applications and this is what business owners ultimately target to capture local markets.

Breaking the language bound territories is easy with Zend and one can easily create any web application that is globally noticeable and Zend developers should create multi lingual site for their applications.

Guidelines and standards:

Zend is a reliable PHP framework that has a great community. The framework is built according to strict guidelines and standards. Every developer and contributor of codes or documentation has to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA).

It is a must to conduct exhaustive testing on the codes by using PHP Unit. The codes must also be in strict compliance with the coding standards.

With such strict norms, you can be sure that any enterprise application development with Zend is surely in safe hands. And with such a great community, you will have high quality and readable codes that are thoroughly tested.

We, at IDS Logic have great expertise in Zend development and offer high quality services to clients all over the globe. We are able to customize the framework to address various complex challenges and create solutions for business to grow exponentially.

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