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Creating an Ideal Home Page Is Crucial in Web Development. Here Is How to Do

You have a great idea to build a website, the one that you have been waiting for a long time.  But to be a super star in the market, you need to present your idea in a clear manner so that it beautifully illustrates your concept and at the same time help you attract your visitors.

Your home page creates the first impression on the visitors. It immediately starts to tell your story and assists you to get connected to the visitors. So, it is important to ensure that your home page has a professional look, is welcoming, answers the questions that your visitors have, builds the trust and provides clear direction. You just can’t start to design your home page. Executing it without a proper plan will surely produce negative results

Follow these Guidelines to Create a Unique Home Page During Web Development:

Your Homepage Must Explain Your Service and Brand:  Most startup businesses use a simple homepage website format where visitors can find relevant information about the company. While developing your homepage, consider using it to display everything related to your professional background to previous works. Visitors who are looking for your services often expect to find meaningful solutions to their problems.

So it is crucial that your homepage utilizes every second of your visitor’s presence on your site to solve an issue or offer a service. If not, the users will lose interest and your bounce rate will become higher.

Define Your Website Personas: Our next step is to clearly identify our visitors and then segment them into categories so as to able to better market them. For each group of your audience, identify the key elements like the personal name, the offerings that meet their specific needs, pain points, demographics and their path to content they are looking for.

Defining this will help you stay focused and create a roadmap for each. By doing this it will also help to present more personalized content to the visitors from the homepage.

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Define Specific Call to Action: Call to actions are the first thing that needs to be defined at a very early stage while creating your homepage. You can include some strong call to actions like signing up with a newsletter, liking a Facebook page, downloading a white paper, viewing a product, making a purchase and etc.

They can be anything and as you document your desired call to actions, you should consider your original goals and objectives and validate if they are in sync.

The Homepage Design should be Responsive: With so many types of devices used to access the website, it is essential to create a perfectly aligned homepage irrespective of the device that is being used. So, during web development you should consider creating a responsive site so that you can significantly increase your user base and generate more leads and sales.

Carefully Consider Your Homepage Content: A homepage should have informative text so that your visitors can understand what the site is all about. Easy content that can be understood by the visitors will allow them to pause, look around the home page and then navigate to the other areas of the website.

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