DevOps A New Team Model That Helps in Quick Project Delivery

DevOps: A New Team Model That Helps in Quick Project Delivery

Speedy delivery of innovative services and products have always been a great challenge for IT companies. But changing the IT infrastructure to suit the fast paced and ever changing digital business environment is not an easy task. Earlier, when a software was developed, there were teams who gathered the business requirements for the software programs and codes.

Then there was a separate QA team to test the program in a development environment which was isolated. And in case the requirements were met, the deployment team, which was further fragmented into networking or database took the project forward. The problem with this type of process was that all the teams worked separately.

Then came the agile development and it used several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. It involved continuous planning, continuous testing ad integration and also other forms of continuous evolution of both the projects and the software. The most important thing about agile development is that it focused on empowering people to collaborate and take decisions effectively and quickly.

DevOps can be described as the offspring of agile software development and is born to keep up with the increased delivery speed and throughput. It has in fact extended the agile development practices by streamlining the movement of the software through the build, validation, deployment and delivery stages, thereby empowering the cross functional teams with complete ownership of software applications.

It is an IT mindset that inspires communication, integration, collaboration, communication and automation among the developers and IT operations, which helps to improve the speed and quality of delivering the software project.

Some Challenges That DevOps can Solve:

With separate teams working on the development project, each time the program is thrown to independent teams, they added bottlenecks. The development team is unaware of the QA and the roadblocks that prevents the program from working perfectly. Since each group has different goals, it leads to inefficiency and finger pointing whenever anything goes wrong.

DevOps addresses these issues by establishing a collaborative and cross-functional team that not only shares the responsibility of maintaining the system that runs the software, but also prepares it with increased quality.

In DevOps, the entire software team, which includes developers, testers, operations and support professionals meet prior to starting the new project and create a plan of how to get the software ready. The DevOps delivery chain includes continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment in order to:

  1. Attain a quicker time to market
  2. Enhance the deployment frequency
  3. Reduce the failure rate of new releases
  4. Lower the lead time in between fixes
  5. Improve the recovery time

How the DevOps Model Allows IT Companies to Increase the Speed and Innovation?

DevOps focuses to reduce the time taken between when the code is checked and when a feature is available to the client. This is accomplished through separate initiatives. Micro services are included, which are independent entities that helps to decrease the number of dependencies in the system.

Reduced dependencies helps to quickly deploy new functionalities without worrying about its impact on other systems. Automated processes also reduce the need for manual approvals and provide the immediate benefits of reducing the time spent on such processes.

Since digital transformation is increasingly gaining popularity through cloud technologies, business owners are adopting DevOps, so that they can easily break the walls between development and operations. It helps them to develop the software in shorter cycles and deliver the product faster to their clients.

“It is only by adopting the best approach to the latest technology that IT service providers can attain great results with speedy and quality project delivery.”

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