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Software Testing Models

Testing Model That We Use

Agile Methodology

Delivering high quality solutions that generate outcomes relevant to the business objectives is becoming imperative and for this it is vital to choose wisely between various testing service providers and their assessment approaches. In the past few years, software development complexity has grown because of the expansion in size, scope and the coverage of technology. Due to this, the process of application testing is also continuously evolving in order to align with the changing technology landscape.


IT pros cannot afford to waste their time and money on anything which doesn’t produce a positive result. Adopting a proper Testing model to control costs and justify the investments required. So it is important to have a predictable process, leverage productivity tools, deploy skilled resources while enhancing quality, reducing costs and accelerating time to market.

We at IDS Logic are dedicated to help you maximize your return on investments and drive the adoption of testing strategies into your organization. There are lots of testing models and methodologies used. As an experienced and a leading software testing company, we implement the most effective and future proof testing model to enable our clients to reap the best benefits for their testing needs. We adopt the agile testing model so as to adapt and respond smoothly to all the required changes that surface during the testing process. With this model, your software development process will be divided into various short cycles or iterations and this helps to minimize the risks.

The Principles on Which Agile Methodology is Based:

In the Agile model, the testers and developers are viewed as two sides of the same coin. Effective production is often hampered if the developers refine their codes to perfection before passing to the testers, who strive to break it and send a damage report back again. Instead of this, Agile suggests that the two essential functions should be merged to engage more fully in the creative process. The principle that it adopts:

  • Face to face communication
  • Open interactions between individuals hold greater importance than tools or processes
  • Response to the changes is more important
  • Changes are always warmly accepted

The Process:

The Agile model reduces the risk by breaking the project into smaller pieces or time limited modules, so that it becomes easy to handle and each piece or mini project lasts only for a few weeks. Each module has its own specific stages of analysis, design, development, testing and documentation. After completing a module, the project priorities, progress and direction can be easily evaluated and the demands are perfectly met.

Advantages of Using Agile Methodology:

The agile method requires an in-depth analysis and continuous collaboration between various stakeholders that include the developer, testers and managers and at every stage constant feedback is taken from everyone involved in the final release of the product. This leads to

  • Transparency of the project
  • Fixed duration and cost is predictable
  • Constantly refine and reprioritize to introduce changes
  • High level of predictable delivery
  • More focus on business value and the priority of features
  • High quality development, testing and collaboration

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