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Features and Business Benefits of Magento PWA Every Merchants Should Know

Progressive web apps are one of the most talked technologies that have gained popularity in the IT world. They are powerful solutions that have influenced the commerce industry a lot. Magento has adopted this technology and has helped the developers with a suite of tools that are used to create online stores performing like applications.

With this technology, ecommerce businesses will be able to benefit from the effective functionality offered by PWA features. PWA applications can progressively load and run on any mobile browser and offer an app like experience.

What is Magento PWA development?

Magento has remained to be a preferred platform for the online retailers with another features of PWA Studio added in the year 2018, it has become even more feature rich.

It gives the online retailers a frictionless mobile experience for their stores and helps to increase the conversions across multiple platforms and devices.

Instead of creating separate websites and apps for iOS, Android, Magento PWA development allows you to create an app icon.

Before you hire a Magento development company in India to leverage these rich features, here are a few things that you should know.

 Features of Magento PWA Studio:

  • Modern component architecture that drives business opportunities for extension resellers
  • Build and manage all channels and experiences through one code base
  • Tools that help to personalize the content and add local preferences
  • Generate a purpose built developer tools for increased productivity and fast prototyping
  • Deliver intuitive user experiences with relevant CMS theming and innovative commerce

How Magento 2 PWA can help to improve your ecommerce business?

M-commerce has helped to drive more online sales. And Magento has taken a great step by bringing the latest trend to its platform.

Take Advantage of M-Commerce without any High Cost:

Nowadays, people prefer to use mobile devices to search and shop items. This online shopping trend is likely to stay in the coming years. With increased smartphone users, the percentage of mobile shoppers will grow exponentially.

In simple words, m-commerce has started to gain popularity and so your Magento ecommerce development now needs a mobile app to leverage the benefits of m-commerce.

Magento 2 PWA helps you to make the most of the M-commerce and this is of course a cost effective option to reach out to the mobile market and save money on maintenance and other related costs.

Are You Looking to Hire Dedicated Magento Developers?

No More Device Restrictions:

PWA is written in CSS, HTML and JavaScript, which means that it has a web connection and the user can access Magento PWA application with the help of web browsers.

All the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari support PWAs. Another benefit of a PWA is that it can save the user’s time needed to install the app on the device.

Unlike cross platform and native apps, it can be placed on the home screen with just a few clicks. It also occupies less space compared to the native apps.

Increase the SEO Friendliness of the Magento Ecommerce Website:

The most important thing about ecommerce website is to secure a top ranking in the SERPs. This can be achieved by creating Magento 2 PWA website as it gives the customers an app like immersive experience.

The PWA serves the purpose of an app and a website and it is also highly optimized for the mobile. It helps your Magento website to get a better ranking, which ultimately enhances the visibility of your business.


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