Features that Make Forms great in Sitefinity

Building campaign landing pages and forms are often a challenging task, but Sitefinity helps to solve them easily. Sitefinity CMS development was engineered with ease of use in mind so that the users could easily conquer the battlefield and remain ahead in the market competition.

Today, multi-touch and multichannel user interactions need increased marketing agility and also the enhanced capability to adapt to the changes of the landscape. And so marketing campaigns are also getting complex and that needs creativity to deliver improved productivity.

Some Common Challenges that can be Solved by Hiring a Sitefinity Development Company:

  1. Create forms by using drag and drop
  2. Create multi forms
  3. Leverage rule based forms
  4. Validate input data like radio buttons, checkboxes and etc.
  5. Prevent other users from viewing the submission forms

Sitefinity development offers a wide range of tools to help you unleash your creative mind and can help to increase conversions and also boost the ROI to specific campaigns.

Creating a New Form:

There may be various reasons behind creating a new form and Sitefinity makes it very easy to add fields to Sitefinity forms. Duplicating an existing form is a great option to start your journey. But you should try to reduce the element so as to boost the conversions. With too many fields, the users get confused. 

Hire Sitefinity Developer

Validating the Form Fields:

Another major challenge that the marketers face is ensuring that they capture as much real information as possible, which includes the phone number, country, state, company name, address and etc. Sitefinity form builder helps the users to easily validate the input data and also customize the error messages.  End users can create files that are needed and also display the customized error message by using the UI. Sitefinity also allows the developers to do complex calculations by adding the regex rules.

Creating a Multipage Form:

End users often get very overwhelmed when they find long forms. Many marketers try to implement progressive profiling to ensure a great balance between the conversion rates and the information captured. Some other opt for multipage forms that help to capture a lot of information without compromising on the conversion rates.

Sitefinity CMS helps to create the forms with multiple pages in order to break the long forms or surveys.  Sitefinity development makes creating the multi-page forms easy.  The system automatically adds a NEXT button to the end of each step.

Rule Based Forms:

This enables the users to conditionally show and also hide the specific fields and also expand or even narrow the scope of information that you are trying to gather. This is a very powerful tool and can help to improve the user experience and also ensure that the conversion rates are not negatively affected by a lengthy contact form.


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Sitefinity allows ecommerce websites to use conditionals forms on their checkout pages and calculate the tax that is to be collected or calculate the shipping fees based on the country, delivery options or state that is chosen.

Viewing the Form Submissions:  

Integration with third party CRM and any marketing automation systems is something that enterprise prefer to improve the efficiency of the website, there are many cases where the users want to keep the form submission at the backend of your CMS.

Sitefinity allows the users to keep a record of every form submission and the data that can be viewed online or even exported to use offline in Excel.  Permissions can also be applied and the access to the data is only granted to certain teams or individuals.

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