How a SharePoint Intranet can Benefit the HR Department

How a SharePoint Intranet can Benefit the HR Department

With Covid 19 pandemic bringing about a big change in the life of people across the globe, things have changed a lot and the professional world has also switched from being in the office to being at home in front of their laptop screens.  And to keep the organization running, the HR department too has to adapt to it alike. 

An intranet is often a great choice that can help them work remotely and yet stay connected. SharePoint is a leading collaboration tool which helps the organization to work remotely and gain access to important files and folders without any issues.

Now when it comes to the HR department, which is the most essential department in every organization, it is crucial to find a smooth solution that can help them to maintain the internal work environment and bring in the best talent from varied sources in order to enhance it.

Since the department keeps up with all the small and big intra organizational responsibilities, like employee wellness, payroll management, employee engagement and many other day to day operational management, recruitment and on boarding to deliver the best work place, organizations are now choosing SharePoint development to create HR internet solutions for smooth operations.

Benefits of SharePoint Intranet Development for HR Department:

Easy Information Management:

The HR department can use the internet as the one stop solution to all the data or information that might be needed to store, search or circulate. From widgets like announcements, birthdays, work anniversaries, leave stats, team information, organization chart can be put to work in order to keep everyone updated.

Search features and quick navigation of the SharePoint intranet will ensure that the team members have an easy access to the information which otherwise would consume a lot of time. This will help save the precious time of both the employees and also the HR.

Performance Management:

Another great benefit of choosing SharePoint development is that the HR intranet acts as a transparent platform for performance management.

This particular personalized section can be added to the dashboard of each employee to include documents like JDs, performance sheets, which can be backed up with business apps and utilities like Project Tracker, Timesheets, Kanban App and etc.

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All these are easily accessible by the employees and their managers, which help them to evaluate continuously and review the performance of the employee which leads to better productivity.

Easy Recruitment:

With a SharePoint HR intranet, it can be a great source for the recruiters. It can be easily used to facilitate the internal recruitment, departmental switches and referral systems, which make both the internal as well as the external vacancies known to all the employees through the HR intranet dashboard and this makes the recruitment process transparent and quick.


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Dedicated intranet sections within the HR intranet portal can also be created for each recruitment drive in order to connect to all the interview panelists so as to ease the process of centralized discussions and shortlisting.

Training and Feedback:

There are many pre joining courses that the interns or the trainees need to go through before joining the company or during their initial days before starting their work under someone’s mentorship which can be managed and the performance evaluation can also be done on the intranet by the recruiters. 


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It can also be very convenient platform to track and monitor the learning speed and course completion, which is accompanied by feedback from the new employee.

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