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How Exit Popups Can Help Your WordPress Website Improve Campaign Leads

Users often find it frustrating when they see frequent popups on a site as it distracts their attention. Marketers also avoid them since they are said to associate with generic and intrusive messaging. But what is important is to know that there are a variety of ways to leverage the popups without irritating or hampering the experience of the customers.

Moreover, the popups also offer numerous benefits over the alternative ways that help in driving traffic, sales and subscriptions.

What are Exit Popups?

Popups are of different types and can be used in a wide range of settings. Among them, reports have stated that the exit intent popups are one of the best options. The popups are designed to appear whenever a user is about to leave the site.

Though it is not possible to predict exactly when this might happen, but marketers often use a wide variety of tools that help to analyze the customer behavior and then determine the exact time so as to trigger the popup.

The exit time of the user is usually identified by the user’s cursor movement and once it leaves the web page, it is understood that the visitor is planning to close the window.  Showing up a popup brings the attention of the user back to the site and also opens up the opportunity to make a sale.

Exit popups are a great means to extend the interaction among the customers and help them keep on the site for a longer time.  This leads to greater order rates and also increase the chance of signing up for the newsletter.

How Your WordPress Website can Benefit from Exit Intent Popups?

There are various benefits of implementing the exit pop-ups on WordPress. Let’s discuss some of them here?

Reduced Checkout Abandonment:

Most online shopping carts are abandoned and they become the top sources of missed business opportunities for the retailers. Reducing the cart abandonment by only a percent or two could also lead to significant growth in sales. High shipping cost or any other fees are one of the main reasons why users leave the website.

Your WordPress ecommerce site with exit intent popups may help to boost the conversion rates.

Lead Generation

Most popups offer lead magnets that give the users an additional reason to stay on the WordPress website. Discounts, e-books and other informational resources are great options that can keep the users interested in your products. Though users may view an entry popup as distracting and annoying, but it helps to achieve a much higher subscription rate by moving the popups to the end of their visit.


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So, develop a popup that relates to your core business message so that it helps to enhance the lead generation.

Better Customer Data:

Collecting customer data from various sources is critical to personalization in any marketing strategy. Exit intent popups for your WordPress website helps to identify the fresh contact and then turn the first time visitors into long term customers. They are likely to enter more information about themselves if your popups offer something in return.

This is also the first chance to learn about any new lead and include a field for any relevant information. The Phone numbers, locations, birthdays and more helps to create more engaging campaigns. It is also very important to keep the sign up process simple and short in order to avoid turning the leads away.

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