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How PHP 7.3 Can Enhance the Performance of Your Website

The performance of your website depends on a number of factors and the version of your PHP that you are currently running may also be of great importance. Most business owners usually overlook this.

PHP is the scripting language that is widely used to develop websites and since its first release, it has come up with lots of improvements on certain capabilities that include TLS constants and API extensibility.

Now that we have the PHP 7.3 released, you can start taking advantage of the latest version.

Here are Some of the Benefits that You can Avail

Speed Up Your Website:

Websites nowadays have to be very fast to capture the attention of the younger generations and the average attention span has now come down to eight seconds from 12 seconds. They now expect the website to load quickly and in case it doesn’t, they have other options to find what they want.

So, if you are looking to capture and communicate with the audiences online, then your slow loading site can be the cause of page abandonment.

Are You Looking for Custom PHP Development?

With many options to improve the site speed, updating to the latest version of PHP is a great solution. People upgrading from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3 can now observe a 10% increase in the site speed and this is of course a big achievement.

Besides speed the latest version also has updated features like SQLite support, enhanced PHP garbage collection performance and also some other enhancements.

 Stay Updated with Security:

Upgrading to PHP 7.3 is beneficial for overall security of your business website.  Just like any other software, your web development platform needs updated to keep it secure.

Though there are no major security vulnerabilities that have been a major concern regarding PHP 7.2. it is considered to be the best practice to run the latest and updated version so that the security patches are upgraded and there are no compatibility issues.

The Flexible Heredoc Syntaxes

Heredoc is a very polished method used to write strings that allow creation of multiple lines of text without using the new character line. It evaluates both the variables and also the characters like double quotes strings.

It is used to create multiple lines of text, snippets of HTML, for emails, SQL queries and etc. Though the feature has been implemented in previous versions, but it forced the web developers to pay lots of attention to the syntax and indentation. PHP 7.3 development has come up with some improvements and has made the implementation of the feature easier and accommodating to use.

Why should You Upgrade to PHP 7.3?

The PHP team has done an amazing job of addressing the performance issues from one update to the next and with the release of PHP 7.3, the latest round of performance improvements has been done. PHP 7.3 offers about:

  1. 10% improvement over the previous version
  2. 30% improvement over PHP 7.0
  3. Up to 3 times improvements over PHP 5.6

So, updating to the latest PHP version will help you get a massive performance boost to your website.


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