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How Sitecore CMS Helps Business Owners Maximize Web Conversion

Improving the website efficiency to boost the lead generation and to increase the revenue of the business is the prime focus of every enterprise.  With consumers spending more time shopping online, it is imperative to have a site that is easy to use and is fast.

When marketers create a site, they usually have two core objectives: driving the traffic to the website’s landing page and to turn a percent of the traffic to customers and keep them engaged with relevant content. And to increase the visits and conversions, selecting the right CMS is core.

Sitecore is an excellent web CMS management tool that allows the marketers and publishers to gather deep insights from web traffic and multi-channel customer experience and then appropriately forecast the type of information that they need to deliver to the customer in real time.

This platform gathers, analyses and manages customer intelligence from the data that is gathered from the customer’s behavior, purchasing patterns, and their purchase decisions from multiple digital platforms.

Having worked with the Sitecore platform for years, I have expertise in it and today I will share some powerful features of Sitecore that will help you increase your website conversion rate.

Create Customer Personas:

Your website will always have different types of visitors and it is very important to segment them for different products, and for this you will have to create campaigns that are customized.

Sitecore development offers the marketers the ability to define their organization’s audiences by capturing individual data that include the behavior and their interests. Using Sitecore, you can create individual profiles and customer personas that you can interact with.

Cross Channel Marketing:

Sitecore CMS development offers the marketers with cross channel marketing. A research report has stated that about 67% of the consumers start shopping in a store or on one device and then purchase it from somewhere else.

Cross channel marketing is highly essential for driving conversions and Sitecores cross channel automation helps to deliver a personal customer experience.


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It is from the admin dashboard that you can easily publish your content in social media, external microsites, mobile apps and in email marketing.

Create Hyper Targeted Emails:

It is difficult for a marketer to create personalized email for every customer, which is also a time consuming task. Sitecore offers a marketing automation tool know an Engagement Automation which helps the marketers to create hyper targeted emails based on their individual preferences, content views and lead score.

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You can easily automate the email sending process and can also send personalized discount or emails to individual customers, thereby reducing cart abandonment.

Identifying the Customer Journey:

As already described, customers never purchase at one go; they search multiple times, check various sites and then return later after weeks to make the final purchase. Understanding the customer journey can easily help to design the campaign accordingly.

Sitecore has a tool known as the “Path Analyzer” that helps the marketers identify the journey and check whether they show positive or negative results.

The tool helps to understand the combinations of the pages that lead to further optimization and ultimately increased conversion rates.

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