How Sitecore CMS Helps to Deliver Personalized Customer Experience

“Targeted and personalized messaging for each website visitor, is it really possible to do?”

Despite the promise that personalized message can bring, marketers and publishers are still facing challenges and lack of personalization has started to affect their brand experience.

Once your customer has been identified by their online behavior, a series of targeted CTAs and targeted messages will ensure that your content addresses their pain points.


“Sitecore is a popular digital experience software that is used by organizations to create personalized digital experiences. It is an integrated platform that is powered by .NET CMS, digital marketing and ecommerce tools.”


It is constantly evolving and with each update of new innovative tools, the cloud first digital platform helps to increase conversions through personalization.

The business benefits of personalization are great and here in this blog, we will discuss some of the most interesting tips to deliver personalized experience by using Sitecore development.

Automated Personalization:

As assessment across various industries have stated that 31% of those who took the assessment used simple rules based personalization, 16% used algorithm based personalization and 7% used automated personalization that is driven by machine learning.

Automated personalization is still new to many business organizations in India, Canada, U.K, Australia and will take few years to become an integrated part of the marketing technology.

It takes a sharp focus on getting started with automated messages or campaigns and the CMS technology needs to support it.


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Whether used as a digital marketing platform or integrated with any other complementary solutions, Sitecore XP offers the marketers and the developers with the freedom, speed and flexibility to reach out to the customer that are a perfect fit.

It helps in easy and quick personalization without much training or implementation. It also incorporates all the native tools that marketers need for a scalable campaign management, optimization, testing, advanced analytics and etc.

Contextual Intelligence to Know Your Customer Better:

To market your business context, it is important that you know your customers well, what they have viewed, opened, clicked through or purchased from your brand.

This marketing repository of your customer data, the Sitecore Experience Database is the key feature of Sitecore XP.

The xDB’s customer intelligence helps to deliver a memorable experience that is tailored to the individual wants and requirements to effectively engage the customers in the process.

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Collect the Data from Everywhere:

The Sitecore xDB gathers and connects the customer experience data to the individual level, even from the CRM you are using in a single big data repository.

Whether the interaction is from known customers or other unknown prospects, it is captured and collected in one place.

Creates a Complete Customer Profile:

xDB also collects the customer interaction data and Sitecore XP creates individual customer profile called the Experience Profile.

These profiles become rich with every interaction, learning who your customers are, what they buy, their location and what they click on, the time they spend on the site and much more.

Analyses the Value of Customer Experiences:

xDB captures the interaction data and assists you to measure the value of that interaction so that it can contribute to your marketing objectives.


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Once the interactions start, the engagement value scale allows you to quickly understand how the channels work to drive the engagement.

Track Visitor Paths:

Sitecore xDB connects all the interaction dots and creates maps that reveal the visitor journeys.

The path analyzer tracks, how the contacts interact with the content on a large scale shows the path from specific pages on your site on a smaller scale.

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