How Sitefinity AMPs can Help to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

How Sitefinity AMPs can Help to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Who doesn’t want to increase the traffic to their website by using a specific technology?  We all know that organic traffic plays a great role in making your business successful and it has the highest conversion and offers the best value per transaction, and customers from organic traffic are more likely to buy the things that you are selling.

Another crucial step for all business organizations is that they need to create mobile apps to capture a wider market base and mobile sites that are faster than others had about 27% increase in the conversion rate. This is a statistic that goes on to show how much speed matters when it comes to developing mobile web pages. Sitefinity CMS is a popular platform that is used by organizations to create robust and scalable websites.

Google has come up with an initiative that aims to prefer mobile websites that are fast loading web pages. These pages are known as Accelerated Mobile Pages and the format intents to offer a better mobile web experience for all the users. This helps the marketers and the publishers to enhance the user experience for the readers by increasing the loading speed. The AMP support comes with Sitefinity 10.1 and version and Sitefinity CMS development automatically generated the AMP version from any posts. For dynamic content types, one must define the template in order to have the pages out of the box.

What is an AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a project from Google and Twitter, which is designed to make the mobile pages really fast. It is basically a stripped down form of HTML, which is super lightweight and is fast loading. It is an open source and there are various kinds of elements of openness to the project.

But what makes the pages so fast? Things like images don’t load until they are scrolled into view and the JavaScript helps to do all that for the visitors. All the designs are heavily cached, so that Google can host the pages and host the actual content right there and so they need not fetch if from the website anymore. This saves a lot of time. The initiative focuses on the user experience on a mobile device in functionality and styling more than anything else.

Sitefinity AMP Pages can be Easily Cached by Google:

AMP works in different ways in order to increase its speed, but one way is that Google caches a lot of the web content themselves. AMP strips the site down to its bare essentials and then Google stores the stripped down version that it serves to the visitors with relevant searches. This means that when someone tries to search for a particular key phrase related to the web page, the search result displays the corresponding AMP versions that are already loaded by the time and returns it to the user.


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This may not be considered to be a direct ranking factor, but anything that helps to increase the speed of the site and enhances the user experience helps to attain a higher ranking of the site. This helps to attract more and more organic traffic to the site.

People Stay for Longer on the Sites that Load Fast and this Boosts Business Credibility:

Sitefinity developers can help you build AMP pages for your mobile application and Google loves to track the user behavior and what they find interesting on the site. Backlinks, the reputation of the site, bounce rates, domain authority and the time spent on the site are some of the most important factors that Google takes into consideration while generating the search engine result page.

When more and more people like the sites that load quickly, you attain a higher ranking. And this ultimately helps them stand in the SERPs. Even a second of waiting time reduces the engagement and time spent on the site


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