How Sitefinity CMS Integration with Third Party Tools can Boost Website Performance

How Sitefinity CMS Integration with Third Party Tools can Boost Website Performance

Online businesses are gaining much popularity across the globe and it is also becoming highly competitive with technical advancements and the rapidly changing marketing trends. And to stay at par with these changes, it is important to come up with a system that can easily gather, manage and also distribute the data from a single central point.

It is here that you need a CMS that can help you stay connected and integrated to other analytical systems and applications. In addition to the out of the box integrations, it might require you to build custom integrations between the site, back end business systems and also other crucial application. Sitefinity is a highly rich CMS that offers features and functionalities and offers the competence to integrate with other systems and personalize the customer experience.

Here in this blog let’s see how you can integrate Sitefinity CMS with the required business systems and help you to multiply the productivity and boost the performance of the business and generate positive results.

Sitefinity Connected for Salesforce:

You must be aware that Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems available in the market. It is used to manage and store the data of the business which can be used to take actions and decisions regarding prospects and clients. The Sitefinity Connector helps Sitefinity developers to easily improve the flow of the business information in the CRM by linking it with all the other activities that the users perform on the site. The actions include contact forms like submissions, document downloads, recently viewed pages etc. and it helps in customer segmentation for online business personalisation.

Sitefinity Integration with Marketo:

Connecting with Marketo helps the marketing team of a Sitefinity website development to easily monitor and track the online visitor patterns. With this integration, they are also able to offer some specific and filtered content which is based on business reasoning. This of course has a direct impact on the conversions, which leads to more sales and offers a precise online data that includes the contact touch points, information of some document downloads, lead scoring, form submissions, page visits and etc.

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PayPal PayFlow Pro Integration with Sitefinity:

Sitefinity CMS development integration with PayPal PayFlow Pro helps to simplify online receipt and payment. It is by using Sitefinity’s API that the developers can easily integrate this and offer a customized payment gateway to the customers. The integration helps the website admins to dynamically create the detailed order forms, ensure the secured payments, auto shoot payment confirmation and even connect the data with emails. It also helps to set personalization’s for the emails to customers.

Dropbox Integration with Sitefinity CMS:

Dropbox is the most popular tool that helps to keep your documents stored safely which can be easily accessed and shared. Dropbox integration with Sitefinity offers a smooth synchronization that allows Dropbox to be used as a data provider for any documents, pictures in Sitefinity CMS. It also helps to publish different digital assets which are stored in the Dropbox through Sitefinity to email, mobile and other social channels.

Sitefinity Integration with MaxMind IP Geolocation:

Tracking the geolocation of the visitors of your website is actually based on your IP address and this acts as a great asset for the marketers. MaxMind IP Geolocation database easily maps the IP addresses to a specific location that includes the information about the name of the organization, country, city and also the ISP and etc. Sitefinity CMS integration helps to effortlessly integrate a geolocation tool and this actually helps the marketers to accurately segment the website visitors.

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