How to hire skilled full stack developer

How to Hire a Skilled Full Stack Developer? Technical Expertise to Consider

Trends and technologies often expire quickly in the software industry and it is very important for the business owners to cope up with these sudden changes. Today, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists, Big data experts, AI specialists and Analysts. With smart devices continuing to grow rapidly and the demand for secure, reliable and effective IoT systems growing, the demand for full stack development is also growing. But why? Since the developer having expertise with the whole stack of development for a system and mastery over some of the facets can help to create products faster, they are the most wanted in the market.

What Do You Understand by Full Stack Development?

The term full stack means that the developers working with it are comfortable both with the front end and the back end technologies while developing a software. If we speak in technical terms, it is not a standard that is set by the industry. It can rather be said as an evolutionary facet of skills where the developer always learns the latest and open source technologies. Besides creating web applications with great efficiency, a full stack developer also knows how to deploy it, automate the application and optimize for the best performance.

A full Stack Developer Should have Expertise in the Following Technical Skills:

Programing Languages:

A full stack developer should have proficiency in many programming languages like Ruby, C#, PHP, JAVA and PHP. it is crucial for him to be a master in the language syntax and also have familiarity with the design, structure, test and programming codes.

Third Party Libraries and Development Frameworks: Development languages are always accompanied by good development frameworks like ExpressJS, Python, Java Spring, NyBatis, Node. JS, Thinkphp and etc. The full stack developers should also have ideas about third party libraries.

Database and Cache:

Software applications always need a database to store their data and so a full stack developer should have clear concepts about the databases and also know how to interact with it easily. MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Redis are some of the most popular databases that developers should have knowledge about.

Basic Designing Ability: When it is about creating a website, development also plays a crucial role in it. Your Full stack developers should understand the basic principles of prototype design, UX and UI design.

Security:  Awareness regarding security is another most important thing that cannot be neglected as each layer of development presents its own vulnerabilities. Your full stack developer should be able to provide encryption and decryption technologies, from device authentication to authorization, everything is important for securing your system and so your developer should ensure data integrity and privacy together with managing and preventing the vulnerabilities of your system.

While hiring your full stack developer, it is imperative to check that he is aware of the technologies you are looking for, so that he can provide help at every phase of the delivery like scoping, building, designing and testing.

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