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How to Increase Downloads of Your Mobile Application?

It is no more a surprise that increasing numbers of internet browsing is performed on various mobile devices and not on the desktop. The past few years have seen a huge mobile internet consumption over the desktop and consumers are accessing the World Wide Web. Business owners are turning to mobile applications so as to capture the market and expand their business. However, creating an app is just half of the battle, and to generate value and growth to your business it is very important to present your app in front of your potential customers, so that they can click on it and check your website for products and services.

But to do this, you need to create a perfect marketing strategy for your mobile app and be aware of the best practices of sending your visitors from your app to the main page.

Creating a perfect app landing page:  Presentation plays a great role in your mobile app and following latest design techniques to create an amazing landing app page is important as it helps you to describe your application to all your potential customers. Gauge the purpose of the app and create simple yet bold and vibrant icons to increase more traffic. Avoid any functionalities that will make the app difficult to navigate and also include designs that are appealing to the eyes.

Appropriate screenshots: Images are often more effective than words and selecting perfect screenshots that will appear with your app description will fully present what the app is all about. Descriptive screenshots are a great opportunity to explain your products and services without anything in written. So, decide on that one single image that will explain what your mobile app does to your audience.

App store optimization (ASO): Google Play and Apple’s App Store often give preferences to certain apps in search results that are based on the ranking factors that include tags, ratings, app title, screenshots and etc. The app title plays an important role and when it comes to ASO, it is important to fill the fields and relevant details before submitting the app to the store. Pick your categories carefully and find interesting ways to conduct social sharing.

High quality reviews: Publish genuine and high quality reviews with a positive experience so that it helps to encourage more customers to trust your brand and download your mobile application. Besides showing your visitors that the mobile application is highly recommended, your reviews will also send a message to the search engines that your rankings should increase as many users are reporting positive user experience.

Keep the app upgraded: In order to offer the best possible experience for the mobile app users, and to continue maintaining the app ranking, implement updates on a monthly basis to ensure that your app is performing well. Consistent and frequent upgrades will provide an optimal user-experience. This will also keep you ahead of other businesses that are not keeping their apps updated.

Social integration: Keeping your visitors engaged and interacting will help to keep them active. Use social media to promote your mobile app and choose online communities they are active in. Your social media plays an important role in the success of your app and this is of course a great opportunity to keep your potential customers engaged and keep them well informed about your services and products.

In a nutshell, increasing downloads of your mobile app is not a very easy task. It requires using tactical strategies, doing extensive research and also maintenance.  So, while applying the above tips to increase downloads for your mobile app, it is also important that you use them collaboratively to reach out to your business objectives and growth.

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