keep sales higher in your Magento ecommerce store

How to Keep Sales Higher in Your Magento Ecommerce Store After Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New year are the two most exciting periods of the year and as it is around the corners, it’s time for you to gear up for the grand show and continue keeping your sales higher even after that.

But how can you do this with your Magento ecommerce store?

During your festive season, you are right in the middle of the most profitable time and web stores everywhere are really busy to maximize profits by preparing online store for the huge sales rush. But are you preparing your Magento ecommerce store to continue with the sales once the holiday season is over?

A sudden lapse in the sales activity is sure to follow after the New Year. And every online seller is left asking: How to keep post-holiday sales and keep generating profits?

This is really a question to think about. To reduce your worries, here I will share with you some important tips that will help to generate sales even after the festive season is over. Let’s discuss in details.

5 Strategies for Your Magento Ecommerce Store:

Offer Incentives to Your Customers for Repeat Business:

Once a customer has purchased a product from your web store, it is very important to hold him back with a special deal just for him.  Since they are the ones who are more likely to return to your Magento store in the future, offer them some rewards or discounts for repeat business. During email campaigns, offer them something extra to generate an activity. Special discounts or rewards often make customers feel that they are appreciated and the reduced costs will also make your products and service more appealing to them. A post purchase coupon can help you to attract them easily.

Keep in Touch with Relevant Emails:

Reach out to your customers through emails even after the holiday season is over. Send targeted emails that stimulate a conversation between your customers and your brand. For a successful email campaign, you can hire a Magento development company to shoot mails and to create a connection between both the customer and the store owner. Research has stated that businesses who build a relationship with their customers through emails have enjoyed a higher conversion rates that range up to 50%.

Start a Stronger Promotion Post New Year:

Most people make New Year resolutions and this creates a very large market for self-improvement oriented customers. Online Magento store owners can promote their products that are related to health and wellness goods and this will lead to great marketing opportunities. But if you don’t have products that are related to such resolutions, post New Year is still a great time to roll out promotions to grab the attention of the customers. You can also offer some discounts and bonus gifts to start your post-holiday sales in the new year.

Send Product Reminders to Refresh Customer Interest:

Most online buyers browse Magento ecommerce stores and fill their carts with numerous items that they never purchase or even forget about.  A gentle reminder from your site after the holiday season can easily turn those lost sales into great sales opportunities. Try to track your customer’s past activity and send powerful recommendations regarding products that inspire business returns.

Holiday Gift Cards are Great Means to Generate Sales:

Whenever a customer purchases a gift card from your store, they are bound to make a purchase from your store and you can make an immediate profit. Whether the card that you have sold is used or not, you have already made your profit. Gift cards help to make additional purchases that can generate extra revenue. It also helps to increase your brand awareness and promote products and services to your friends or relatives. This means that they too are likely to visit your store soon.

If you have plans to implement all these in your existing Magento store, then we at IDS Logic can help you prepare your business for post-holiday sales. Our digital marketing experts together with Magento developers and creative designers can plan marketing and promotional strategies that will work wonders for you and your customers.


  • If possible, offering discounts to the products that are waiting in customer cart for some time can improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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