Prepare Your Magento Ecommerce Store for A Festive Shopping Success

How to Prepare Your Magento Ecommerce Store for A Festive Shopping Success: A Guide

With the summer season, consumers are already enjoying their beach trips or visiting hill stations for some quality time. And the festive season is still a few months away. But if you are a merchant or a marketer, it’s now time to start preparing for the coming festive season that includes Dusshera and Diwali in our country India. It’s time to prepare your online business for a huge growth.

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During the festive season, crowded eCommerce stores often try to create a unique experience for the shoppers, but has to face various challenges due to lack of time at the peak moment to sort out various issues. Some of the challenges are:

  1. Advertising becomes very expensive and the inboxes are over crowded
  2. Shoppers become discount lovers, cart abandoners and speed shopping
  3. The market competition heats up

If you want to capture this great market opportunity, then preparing your website in advance is the best winning strategy where you enrich your customer experience, prepare your teams to use the power of business intelligence and also enhance your logistical operations. The ability to drive emotions of the customers, offer them a wonderful shopping experience and keeping them engaged has a great impact on the brand loyalty.
The impact of these emotions on the lifetime value of customers is clear and strong and helps the eCommerce store to increase sales conversion.

Here is what you can do to prepare your Magento eCommerce store for the grand season:

Step into your customer’s shoes:

Understanding what your customer is exactly looking for can help you to focus on the long term benefits over short term profits. You can talk to some of your customers and listen to their needs and then work backwards to make sure that your strategy helps in resolving those issues, while implementing new ways to engage your customers actively.

Use social media to make shopping easy:

Nowadays user’s attention is shifting more towards social platforms and it is considered as a gateway to exploration. With more than 800+ million users, businesses are also expanding their shopping experience into social channels where they can meet the shoppers who spend most of their time. So, if you want to capture the market, then integrate the BUY buttons into the social platforms and ensure that you are meeting the customers where they are.

Create a smooth mobile experience:

During the peak festive season, mobile visits make up for a significant portion of the retail traffic. Most customers visit Magento ecommerce websites across multiple devices. To ensure that you meet your shoppers across varied devices, it’s time to optimize your e-store for the mobile devices that include a smooth browsing experience, easy checkout process and enhanced search capabilities.

Prioritize personalization:

Business owners who are successful often recognize the real time and unique needs of the customers and also their past shopping behaviors. Considering the data gathered, and by using the right technologies, you can now target your shoppers by offering personalized messages and help them select products or services according to their needs.

Delight your shoppers everywhere: 

Customers often expect a seamless engagement across various touch points and retailers who are able to blur the lines between the online and offline experience attain greater results. To delight your customers, offer them a discount on various products, give them rewards for their loyalty and etc. To attract your customers, you can enhance ads with compelling visual content and other personalized product recommendations.
Target the customers who are more likely to convert to maximize the returns from your advertising budget.

Content is still king:

If you want to make your Magento e-store feature rich and functional to operate properly during the festive season, then consider the content on your website. Great content often increases the number of loyal customers and also increases the average order value. Details product information and usage videos or images help to reduce the number of returned products.

Communicate clearly and offer preferred payment methods:

Most participants or buyers prefer to make payment if they find their own transaction methods. It is a good idea to offer your customers a wide range of payment options that they would like to complete their purchase online. Since, consumers are spending more time shopping online on mobile, they want a convenient, secured means for a transaction.
As a retailer, you can help improve their shopping experience by implementing good payment methods.

Add some deadlines to your homepage:

Deadlines always create that environment of emergency when it is about online purchasing. Always remember that the deadlines for reaching out to your international customers will be different from that of your domestic visitors. Convey the message clearly to your customers like the last day of sale, discount or any sort of reward.

Make sure that the visitors understand when they place the order, how the discounts can be availed and the shipment time during the festive season.

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