How to Use Analytics to Enhance Your Mobile App Development

How to Use Analytics to Enhance Your Mobile App Development

We all know that a mobile app is the need of the business and regardless of the sector that you serve, it is very important to enhance your service or your mobile app by using data analytics so that your apps are more focused and serves the purpose of your users.

There is no denying the fact that the market competition is very high in the mobile app development industry and if your app doesn’t seem to achieve the desired results, you should know the reason behind it.

You must have heard about data analytics for mobile apps. But are you using this data to enhance your mobile app development process?  Let’s discuss this today in details so that you can have an idea of the importance of Data analytics for your mobile app. there are various ways in which data analytics can help you to enhance your app:

Comparison and Competitive Analysis:

Data analytics offers a greater insight into your competition and with more than six millions of apps available in the marketplace, it’s is important to keep a close eye on the market competition. With data analytics you will be able to get an idea about the popular apps in your category, the user’s needs, the features that they are looking for and also get an idea about the competition.

Through extensive research, you can also find the keyword terms that are used to search similar apps and all these data will help you to offer better service to your customers.

Analyzing Your Targeted Users:

Besides the standard data, you can also gather a lot of information regarding the lengths of the sessions, number of active users, data about your user behavior, and this can be used to improve the performance of the app. User information also helps to target the advertising campaigns by offering greater visibility regarding where your users come from.


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Such information helps in changing or even adding some extended features to your mobile application development. Your mobile app development service provider can use these tracking tools and use the data to create features that will make your app more interactive. Such tracking assists marketing and helps to increase conversions also.

Crash Reports and Bug Analysis:

Crash reports and the errors behind them are very important for the mobile app developers as the data helps to make significant enhancements in the app. Since there are many apps that are available in the market and if your apps end up crashing regularly, then your users will soon uninstall it and look for some other alternatives.

So gathering data from the crash reports can be very helpful and mobile app developers need to pay attention to such reports to ensure that all the underlying reasons get addressed.

Identify the Conversion Rates and Revenue Generation:

When an app is specifically designed as a funnel or for conversions, the data gathered regarding who is getting converted from where and what are the important things that they are looking for is important. Figuring out the point where the users actually leave the app or drop it helps the mobile app developers to understand the loopholes and act accordingly my mending them.

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Direct Feedback from the Users:

A short quiz based on your products or services helps to get the user feedback directly. The data that you gather in this manner helps in improving the app features and most user like to offer feedback and they take an interest when there are incentives for the feedback or points or discounts for a quick survey.

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