Impact of Sitefinity 9.0 on Marketers and Developers

Creating a website that is attractive and can offer rich features is a difficult task and in this competitive business world, everyone is aware of the fact that choosing a powerful CMS can help.

They know that they have to offer the customers something exclusive to convince them to purchase their services or products.

A very popular and paid CMS in the market is Sitefinity and there are good reasons why people are opting for it. Sitefinity has released its new version 9.0 and it has come up with some great features and architectural improvements that can help to attain unparalleled digital business agility together with your online properties.

Some Great Impacts of Sitefinity Platform on Marketing and Developing

Website marketers, developers and also the visitors demand fast results from the websites that they visit and the applications that they use.  Sitefinity’s latest release caters to these demands and brings a host of productivity improvements.

“The latest release has helped to improve website performance of MVC based widgets and has made it easier for the developers to create widget designers.”

Sitefinity Impact on Marketing:

  • Multi Page Forms: With Sitefinity 9.0, marketers can quickly split complex and long forms into smaller steps and this will help to improve the customer experience and also increase the conversion rates.
  • Multilanguage Support: Editors will now be able to upload Multilanguage versions of images, documents, files and videos and have full control on how they appear on their local sites.
  • Enhanced Personalization: The visitors of the site can now be easily segmented by analyzing their behavior and demographic data
  • 360 Degree Customer View: The latest Sitefinity release offers an extended contact profile in order to help them visualize all touch points, interactions and conversions across channels.

 Impact on the Developers:

  • Improved Interface: The new backend theme offers an attractive and clean design and removes the unwanted clutter and makes the editing experience better.
  • Easy Mobile App Development: It has become easier to create content driven mobile apps because of its integrations with the Telerik platform, which is a prominent cross platform mobile development solution.
  • Continuous Delivery Setup: There have been many series of improvements to support the existing Sitefinity sites and the continuous delivery setup has enhanced the process of adding new functionalities to the site with minimum efforts.

Thus, with the new features of Sitefinity 9.0, both marketers and developers can now enjoy extensibility and stability while maintaining security in the changing environment.

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