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Important Sitefinity Capabilities for A Productive Business

Marketers and websites owners have similar goals, which is to attract traffic to their business and increase sales, but they often face challenges that differ based on the type of business. With technological advancements and latest tools available, people rely heavily on IT in order to do anything ranging from publishing new web pages to updating the basic content and etc.

Others may find it troubling to use the technology and tools, but with the right software, there is always room to optimize and improve the varied components of the strategies and various business operations.


Some challenges that websites often have to face:

  1. Making the site secured while remaining within the budget
  2. Generating enough traffic and leads
  3. Boosting the ROI of all the marketing efforts
  4. Identifying the best and the right technologies
  5. Managing the organization’s websites effectively
  6. Targeting appropriate content for global audience

Progress Sitefinity CMS was engineered in such a manner as to help foster productivity. This powerful and intuitive content management has varied capabilities like personalization, A/B testing and advanced analytics capabilities that help to maximize the productivity and also deliver the best results. Sitefinity development also enables the organizations to deliver the content and digital commerce across various channels.


Managing personalized content with Sitefinity

Managing a single website or dozens of website is simple with Sitefinity as it comes with various features and a simple click of a button can complete the task. Whether your goal is to make a specific business operation that is easy or allow the employees to access the site on the go, Sitefinity helps to deliver personalized content and digital commerce across channels and devices.

Showing the right content to the right person as per the defined audience, transforming the content and testing the results help to generate rich result. Sitefinity development offers a rich toolset for connecting the visitors automatically with personalized content. These content can be incredibly rich and tested as per the defined audience.


Easy integration with leading CRMs

Sitefinity also integrates easily with any leading CRMs and marketing automation systems like the Microsoft dynamics, Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot that enabls to optimize the funnels and nurture the prospects on their way to become loyal customers unique.

Sitefinity is there to help the users tailor their digital experience as per their customers’ needs and also helps to overcome challenges such as custom content types, complex forms, and conversion ready pages


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Multisite management through a centralized interface

The multisite management helps the users to manage the collection of websites and microsites through a centralized interface, even as the business grows and scales. The content authors can contribute to multiple sites or even use the content from any other website.

The users, roles, permissions and templates and images and much more can be shared or even synchronized between the sites.


SEO features help in gaining traffic and increase sales

The SEO features also help to create an SEO friendly URL for each and every page and if the pages are moved or even renamed, the Sitefinity configures the HTTP 301 Permanent Redirect so as to notify the Google and other search engines. This tasks are done automatically without any direct intervention and users can use the advanced features of Sitefinity CMS development and specify the custom settings.


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Another most important capability of Sitefinity is its extensive toolset that helps to address the challenges associated with managing the modern websites. Solutions related to mobile, email campaigns, ecommerce, blogs and social media can be accessed instantly and this allows the organizations to focus on what to build instead of how to build.

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