Is Sitefinity Cloud a Good Option for Busy Marketers

Is Sitefinity Cloud a Good Option for Busy Marketers

For the past few years, Sitefinity users have been able to host their CMS system in the cloud with some changes and tweaks. But whether you are using Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, it makes a lot of sense to use Azure to host your Sitefinity application in the cloud. But with the availability of the new SKU of Sitefinity CMS called the Sitefinity Cloud, Progress has made it much easier for business organizations to concentrate more on the experience instead of the infrastructure.

It is true that a technical company having an expert IT team can easily create their own Azure account and do all the tasks related to hosting, configuration, scaling, backup, recovery and manage all the instance of Sitefinity CMS in the Cloud. But the truth is that not all companies are in the business of software and don’t have much idea to maintain their own infrastructure and continue to maintain their CMS using cloud application.

This is the core reason why Progress has decided to create the Cloud SKU to enable the companies to create their CMS system having an architecture that generates agility, scalability and extensibility.

How Sitefinity Cloud Development can Help Busy Marketers and Website Owners:

Always-On Experience:

Users today have become highly demanding and they want an always-on experience and as we often carry phone chargers and battery bands to stay connected always, we also dream of uninterrupted access to the information where downtime is no longer present. So, if you are a marketer who can miss thousands of dollars for missed opportunities, then Sitefinity Cloud development can help you to mitigate the risk of downtime by reducing the chances of making any mistakes. Powered by Azure, Sitefinity Cloud allows you to focus on managing an always on experience without large upfront investments.

Multichannel Content Delivery:

It is by digging deep into the performance dashboards and other website metrics that you may use to improve the engagement, bounce rates and the conversions. Segmenting the audience will help to point out in the right direction, but in case you approach the problem holistically, then migrating the CMS to the cloud will help to address the root cause of a low performing website. Sitefinity Cloud has the points of presence which is strategically located to reduce the distance between the customers and the business owners. The CDN ensures that the content is generated dynamically from the nearest server regardless of the channel, touchpoint and device. 


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Redefined Performance:

Business organizations cannot predict traffic spikes, but one can easily prepare for the best servers and resources so that as per their priorities and influx of visitors, things can be adjusted. Since downtime is considered to be an enemy and a sluggish website performance may result into losing business opportunities, keeping your site up and running irrespective of the load is often a challenge to deal with. Sitefinity CMS cloud helps in autoscaling the infrastructure to ensure the availability of the site, reliability and speed and the engineering team also helps to continuously monitor the performance of the cloud infrastructure and perform the optimizations as per the autoscaling rules that help to attain the business goals.

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