Benefits of Integrating CRM Software

Key Benefits of Integrating CRM Software in Your Ecommerce Business

Today, online business owners use a wide range of channels to connect with their customers and so everything has to be managed carefully to ensure the best experience for them.
With the exponential growth of ecommerce and mobile shopping, the CRM or customer relationship management has become one of the hottest digital marketing innovations of recent years. Ecommerce service providers are expected to reach out to their audiences and offer them some extra incentive to keep them engaged.

With steep market competition, the need to provide an improved user experience has also grown, and more and more businesses are at present adopting the CRM system that are customized to their ecommerce business.

How Can CRM Integration Help Your Ecommerce Store?


Audience Segmentation:


You may have a huge customer base, but do you know who are more interested in your services? 


The moment I scroll my social media profile, I am always flooded with relevant sponsored ads that I usually end up clicking the most.  And I am sure, you too had such an experience some time or the other. It is by learning the search patterns, that social media ads are displayed before you. But how?

Knowing your customer base is important as it will help your business grow.  A CRM software integration can help you analyze and track each the transactions made on your website. With CRM, you can effectively gather the data and analyze it and then consider the best steps in terms of your ecommerce expansion.


Higher Sales Conversions:

Your website may be successful in attracting your visitors, but another important thing that has to be considered is to convert them into actual sales. With CRM, you can add value to the visitors. Things like customer search categories, curated product lists and wish list discounts often add up to high conversion rates.

Research has also stated that about 64% business organizations consider CRM and an integral part of their sales funnel. The more your conversion rate is, the higher percentage of success you will have in the industry.


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Enhanced Means of Communication:


“Do you understand your customers well?”


The relationship that you develop with your audience base will often determine the level of success of your company. And this success depends heavily on how much you know them. However, to gather information on your customers for a better working relationship may be a difficult task.

CRM helps you not only to collect customer data, but also to keep accessible and accurate records of transactions, their concerns, preferences, needs and etc. This helps to communicate with your customers in an efficient manner.

Again, that CRM is cloud based, it can be accessed from any device with just an internet connection. The communication is not limited to office only.


Increased Efficiency for Various Teams:

Information that is automatically stored in a place and updated often helps internal staff members to view them whenever they need. Multiple teams can access the same information and the changes are also updated automatically based on the access rights.

This helps to boost the productivity of the sales and marketing team who can easily share the information about the clients down the pipeline to derive the best results and also offer excellent customer service.

So, have you decided which CRM to choose for your online ecommerce store, we at IDS Logic have great proficiency in integrating CRM solutions to ecommerce so that you can offer your customer what they actually demand.

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