Per product shipping extension magento 2

Magento 2 Per Product Shipping Extension to Manage Shipping Costs Effectively

If you are a store owner and have products that are either delicate or bulky or fragile to be delivered to your customers, then it is totally your responsibility to deliver the products that are ordered by the users in good condition.

And for this, you will need to take some extra care of the products during the time of shipping. This will require some extra efforts of sending the products separately from others and so each product will need individual shipping rates.

It is here that you will need a shipping per product extension that can help the admin to set the shipping price for specific products based on the customer’s location. This will also help them to set the name for the method used to calculate the price or the shipping charges that will be displayed to the customers during the checkout page.

How Magento 2 Shipping Per Product Extension Helps to Manage Costs Efficiently

Magento 2 Shipping per product extension developed by IDS Logic for all the will help the admins to set different shipping costs for specific and individual products. Additionally, this allows for defining multiple shipping costs for a product based on destinations. 

The cost for each product to be delivered to different locations can now be imported by using the CSV importer exporter in the admin settings.  

Want to Migrate Your store to Magento 2?

Since shipping is an essential part of every ecommerce business, providing the customers with timely shipping strategy helps in business growth.  For this, finding the right per product shipping extension for your online Magento2 store can prove to be overwhelming.

Suppose a customer adds multiple products into his or her cart, the shipping charges will be calculated based on the shipping costs of all the products.

It is by using this extension that you can calculate shipping rates and also detects the customer’s location and then adjust the shipping rates.

Besides this, you can create the shipping restrictions based on any specific attribute and create a dropshipping strategy and more.

How Our Magento 2 Per Product Per Shipping Magento Extension can Help:

1- The administrator can easily add a wide range of shipping price based on individual products

2- He can select if the shipping cost of the product will be calculated on the main product shipping price or any other associated product price.

3- In case the shopping cart has various products, then the cost of each product will be based on the product quantity that is added by the customers and then the total will be mentioned on the checkout page.

4- The admin can add the handling price and can also set whether the handling price will be fixed or calculated on a percentage.

The per product per shipping extension developed by IDS Logic helps the store owners to charge shipping per products based on the specific needs and also set universal shipping rates for the other products.

“Our Magento 2 extension helps to create a new shipping method that enables you to set both global and individual shipping charges based on the products.”

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