Magento Ecommerce Customer Experience Trends in 2020

Magento Ecommerce Customer Experience Trends in 2020

The ecommerce industry has been growing exponentially and at the beginning of 2020, people switched to online shopping just to maintain social distancing and to avoid contact with covid 10 patients. Shopping behavior among people have dramatically changed and this has also affected the way ecommerce business operations. Magento store owners now have to quickly adjust to the new reality so that they can keep up with the changing market needs and offer the customers a great user experience.

So, here in this blog, I will discuss with you some of the latest customer experience trends that you should follow:

Ecommerce companies have to offer services that are relevant and can adapt to the market changes or else your customers won’t stay. Monitoring the Magento ecommerce development trend is the right way to keep up with the evolving industry.

Importance of Contactless Commerce:

In this COVID-19 situation, every customer wants a contactless service, which means that they don’t want to visit any store and want their orders to be delivered at their address without having to come in touch with the delivery person. However, the demand for such items that people need daily has increased and they are now ordering things online and want a contactless delivery. Adopting a strategy to keep the buyers safe from infections and reducing the number of human interactions can help the Magento ecommerce development merchants to offer good services and keep their business running.

Various Payment Methods:

People are now trying to avoid any cash handling as they may come in contact with microbes and infected person. So to maintain hygiene and stop spreading of the disease, Magento ecommerce owners should now eliminate these sources of contamination results and adopt the alternatives to traditional payment methods.

Cashless Payments

Using cards instead of cash is a good idea and will help to reduce the risk than touching the bills and coins.

Self-Service Checkouts: 

Magento ecommerce store owners can now install special automated machines that allow the customers to purchase their products and bill it with case or cards directly without any human interaction.

Contactless Cards

Using RFID and NFC technologies, allows the buyer to apply the card to the terminal without having to hand it to the cashier.

Mobile Shopping: 

With smartphones usage going higher with every day, it is time for Magento ecommerce store owners to make their website mobile friendly. Mobile shopping helps people to use the device to search the goods, compare prices in various stores and check the product descriptions, reviews and testimonials. Moreover, with latest mobile app development technologies, payments via mobiles are also becoming safer and more convenient. Creating a mobile version of the site with fewer buttons and great navigation features that offer information proper information to the users.


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Omnichannel Sales and Marketing Approach:

In order to attract the customer’s attention, it is important to advertise and send notifications about the latest updates so that your shoppers are aware of relevant offerings that can meet their demands. Adopting an omnichannel sales and marketing approach is the best means to stay ahead in the market. By omnichannel it is meant that the shoppers will have a wide variety of options from where to order, how to pay and how to pick the goods. This will make things easier and will help the shoppers stay safe during the pandemic. And this is possible with Magento development.

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