Magento SEO Best Practices to Follow to Gain Visibility and ranking

Magento SEO Best Practices to Follow to Gain Visibility and Ranking

Magento is considered to be one of the most popular and fast growing, open source ecommerce platform that has allowed many online store owners to create innovative and feature rich e-stores that meet the changing demands of the customers as well as add value to business. Whether you are a small startup or a big brand, creating a site that can enhance your online presence and increase the sales conversion is important.

What is Needed to Make Your Magento Ecommerce Store Rank Well?

In order to rank your e-store well in the organic search list, it is important to ensure that the search engines can easily and effectively find all the content and make sense of it and they have certain reasons to rank the content higher than others:

So when it is about Magento SEO, there are three things that need to be considered:

  • Technology: This is the technical foundation of the website that helps the search engines find and understand the site as effectively as possible and it also helps to set the business for success.
  • Authority and Trust: Links to your sites help to determine the reliability and credibility of your site and this also helps to attract more visitors.
  • Relevance: Identifying the search queries that are relevant to your content is important and this is done by creating the content that is useful and satisfying for the visitors. Good technology is essential to communicate relevancy clearly.

It is also important to check the Magento development SEO list and consider some proven Magento SEO strategies to acquire useful knowledge and apply it to your SEO with Magento.

Update to the Latest Version of Magento:

This is the first tip that everyone should consider. Updating to the latest Magento version will help to add new features to your ecommerce site and this is one thing that pleases the search engines and helps them to rank a site higher. Other than that, the upgrade to the latest Magento version helps add a lot of enhancement features, which also includes Magento SEO performance, bug fixing and helps to strengthen the security. Magento always recommends the users to upgrade the latest release for better SEO performance of sites.


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Optimize the Magento SEO URLs

If you are planning to do Magento SEO, then one thing that you need to create is the Magento SEO URL keys for the web pages. It is a good idea if the URLs of the site don’t have any codes. In general URLs don’t have a very big impact on the page’s ability to rank, but they are still considered to be a ranking factor. The most important highlight of optimizing the URL is to improve the user experience. No one likes to see a URL link with full of numbers and letters. Making the Magento URL friendly will give both the humans and the bots a clear view of what the page is all about.

Choose Proper Keywords:

Magento 2 has some default sample content for the product description and title, but that is not the standard for Magento SEO practices. Your meta title and description should be keyword rich and be unique for SEO.  With keywords in the title, it helps the search engines to easily identify the site and make it more SEO friendly.

Speed Up Your Site:

The loading speed of your site can have a great influence on the site ranking. With low loading speed, your ranking may drop and so it is better to follow some techniques to boost the site speed. This will help the search engines to quickly offer any page when requested and finally rank the pages in the SERP.


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