Moodle Workplace – Empowering Organizations with Effective E-Learning Solutions

Tuesday 12th February 2019 was really an exciting day for Moodle lovers as the chief product officer at Moodle announced the official launch of Moodle Workplace bringing the product before the developer’s world.

The product is the result of intense collaboration between Moodle Partners and Moodle HQ all over the globe having extensive experience in delivering solutions and services to organizational learning in the workplace.

“Moodle Workplace is a learning solution that supports effective organizational training that offers features like multi tenancy, programs and certifications, organizational hierarchies and roles. Dynamic rules to model pathways and workflows together with a configurable report builder.”

It supports organization training and combines the power, flexibility and scalability of Moodle LMS with special features that are designed for professional learning and development.

The product will be available through Moodle Partners and Moodle developers will continue their work to extend and improve the product further till June 2019.

The new solution will allow academic organizations in India, UK, US, Canada and etc to build their own corporate training and compliance programs, thereby offering them with powerful reporting systems, advanced levels of customization capabilities, complete mobile learning experience to enhance their learning and development strategies.

What can You do with Moodle Workplace?

The new solution is developed on the tested Moodle platform, with a lot of new features that are very specific to business needs. Moodle workplace will allow the users to:

  1. Share the knowledge and information effectively across the organization
  2. Develop and deploy training courses and on boarding processes
  3. Allows the employees to access the training courses from any location and any device
  4. Augment and streamline various learning processes and development strategies
  5. Customize the LMS to the existing business process and structure and reflect the company’s strength

Building Your Employee Training Program will be Easier:

With Moodle workplace, you can now establish the training paths for your employees by grouping content and courses into specific programs. It will also help to create recurring certifications that are based on programs with a validity period defined and also keep the employees’ certifications up to date.

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Automate the Workflow:

By using Moodle Workplace, you can save your admin time by automating works like course enrolments, security management for different groups, certification allocations and etc. With a set of if this then this rule, you can save and define.

Access the Training Program from Any Location:

Moodle workplace empowers the users and engages them in their learning and development from any location and device. It allows the users to develop a branded app to offer a completely customized experience.

Are You Looking for Moodle Development Solutions?

Create Customized Reports:

Moodle developers in India can use Moodle Workplace to save a lot of your precious time by generating reports by using the drag and drop interface with instant preview filtering and aggregating the data that is present in the internal Learning Record DataStore. The reports will be sent automatically to different audiences.

Customize the Look and Feel:

Moodle Workplace comes with a highly customizable interface and clean design that can be tailored according to the business needs. It allows you to add shortcuts to various admin features and optimize the system management.


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