PHP or Python

PHP or Python: What to Choose for Your Application?

PHP and Python are the two most popular high level programming languages and PHP is a server side scripting language while Python is popular for its simplicity, dynamics and availability. 

Besides their identical popularity among the developers, they also have many specific features and differences.


PHP vs Python: What Suits You Best


It is seen that business owners often face various challenges when compared to expert developers.

A framework is a community that helps the web developers to develop web applications instead of starting everything from the scratch.  In order to add specific functionality, a framework offers hundreds of functions, which the developers can use to add functionalities to the application.


“Python was developed long time back and offers a wide range of frameworks that performs similar functions as PHP frameworks. It holds a small share that is less than 1% and when it is about limited budget, then Python is a good choice for startups.”


Flask and Django are the two most popular options that Python developers use to create their applications.

PHP on the other hand offers a large number of frameworks that the developers can use to create industry specific and purposeful applications. The frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony empower popular applications that are used by millions of users.

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Similarities Between PHP and Python

Initially, it may seem imperfect or flawed to compare these two languages as they were created for two different purposes. However, both PHP and Python have few common properties that make them popular among the developers:


Both the Languages are Accompanied by Detailed and Extensive Documentation


  1. The languages are easy to learn
  2. PHP and Python are open source and can be updated by the users keeping improvement in the mind
  3. Both of them have IDEs for major OS and are portable and versatile
  4. Python and PHP, both have communities that facilitate the learning and working process


Some Major Differences Between PHP and Python

While choosing the best programming language for your business it is important to consider the distinguishing features:

The main difference between Python and PHP is their orientation. PHP is object oriented and Python is aspect oriented, which splits the program into different modules.

While working with Python, the developer can easily create separate modules and then connect them on the “if-then” basis.

This then results into an algorithm that executes this. Using PHP means creating an integral code object having certain properties and executing certain actions based on the user input.

PHP development is considered to be less flexible than Python as it has stricter rules.

PHP also requires libraries to be loaded manually and it also needs additional tools to support the security of the site.

But one thing is that PHP is made for the web developers who can create dynamic and interactive HTML pages and is also very simple to update.

Python uses special packages to load additional libraries and it has grown in popularity since Google decided to base some projects on the language.

Now the main reason of choosing between the two eventually comes to the purpose of development. Both the languages have their own pros and cons and are great to work with.

PHP is best when the developers want to create simple web applications or working sites and Python would be best for the development of flexible and complex projects.

When we compare PHP and Python, both the frameworks have their own pro and cons, but the selection of one depends mainly on the stiffness, versatility, flexibility that it offers.


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  • Python is the best in all programming languages. Beginners prefer Python as their 1st language. Anyone can learn Python in a few days, just follow the Free Python Tutorials Series

  • Hey,
    What a fabulous post!
    This probably the best and most clear comparisons of PHP and Python. You are right; we should decide the language based on its flexibility and versatility. I also would like to suggest a post that compares PHP vs JavaScript. Read the link given below:

  • python is better than php because its very fast and simple language and good performance compression to php

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